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Scents of the Season ...

I wandered to the top of the garden on the evening of the summer solstice; the last of the sun was shining on the sheep a couple of fields away.  It was one of those moments that you felt you wanted to remember.  As I leant on the fence I could smell the scent of newly mown grass; a tractor had been trundling up and down the field cutting down the patches of nettles and thistles that were rampantly growing.  The smell of grass that is drying in the sun is sweet and took me back to the days when we cut our own hay for the goats and sheep - hours spent turning the rows in sweltering heat; praying that it wouldn't rain till all was gathered in.

The garden is full of scents right now - impossible to choose a favourite.  Roses take some beating; but then there is lavender, sweet peas, sweet William, dianthus, honeysuckle - even the strawberries are fragrant.  And though the garden looks like a jungle right now - overblown and blousy - a walk round in the evening with the air full of d…

Paring Life Down ... The Bare Necessities

Over the past few months our life has been pared down to bare necessities.  No curtains or blinds at the windows; no carpets or rugs on the floor; no pictures on the walls; no ornaments or nick-nacks for decoration.  Just four bare walls and somewhere to sit in the evenings.  You sort of get used to it. 

Everything that was in the room has been packed and stacked  - minimal living, though not by choice.   Now that all the restoration work is almost complete we are beginning to try and get some sort of order back in our lives. But it does make you wonder just how much 'stuff' you actually need to live a comfortable life.

We have not really needed anything that has been packed away.  The question now, is, as we gradually unpack the boxes - is it worth filling all the cupboards and shelves with the things we haven't really missed, should we just keep the useful and beautiful and get rid of the rest.  I am opting for the latter - whether I can do it or not is another matter.

Going Away and Coming Home ...

Just a quick post today.  We have been away to a cottage by the sea for a short break.  A break that was badly needed.  We returned refreshed and rejuvenated - just what the doctor ordered.  Thank you for the comments on my last post - much appreciated - I didn't have time to answer them as we left pretty much as soon as I had published it.    I took a few photos while we were away (well it was more like 150, but who's counting :).  I promise not to show you all 150 but have picked a few choice ones to share with you.

Gulls, with the evening sun catching their wings, making such a commotion as they scrabbled for quayside scraps.

A wildflower meadow full of oxeye daisies.

Spotted a muntjac deer through the binoculars - can you see him (bottom right)

Father goose guarding his goslings while they pecked around - never straying far.

A captive red squirrel at a nature reserve - adorable.

A great shot of a robin on the wires taken by the husband.

We had some lovely weather, the earl…

Buried in Books ...

"It is clear that the books owned the shop rather than the other way round.  Everywhere they had run wild and taken possession of their habitat, breeding and multiplying, and clearly lacking any strong hand to keep them down." ~ Agatha Christie, The Clocks. My library is small compared to some, but when you have to move all your books, it might as well be the Central Lending Library.  The house has been overrun with men this week; men banging, hammering, drilling, painting, plastering and causing general chaos.  All the furniture was moved until D and I were squeezed into a tiny space that was left while they got on with whatever it was they were doing.  Thousands of cups of coffee were made and pints of milk disappeared at an alarming rate.  But best to get it all over in one hit, then we can begin to put everything to rights.  There is not one thing in our house that is in the right place.
Which brings me to the point of this post.  Books.  We had to clear them all from th…