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Of A Questing Nature ...

A cold and frosty morning.  C and I went to visit F for afternoon tea and a chat.  Travelling home in the dark we came upon police cars and two Land Rovers down a country lane.  Two men with black scarves round their mouths - looking rather sinister.  Not knowing what was going on we surmised that perhaps they were Hunt Protesters out to cause trouble.  Arrived home  to find David had lit the stove so the room was lovely, warm and snug.  I prepared a late supper and we watched Jeff Lynn's E.L.O. concert in Hyde Park on tv.

I heard the rain hitting the window in the night and woke up to a grey, miserable morning.  Yesterday we were watching a Grey Wagtail hopping onto the pondweed and picking up fish pellets and eating them on the patio - such unusual behaviour - it must have been hungry.

Rain, rain, rain - all day, non-stop.  Finished reading Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski a sad tale of wartime separation.  Didn't move out of the house or get any fres…

Simple Pleasures ...

An entry from my diary for this week.

The weather gods must have been listening to my prayers; we had a brief window of sunshine  today (Sunday).  After breakfast of poached egg on Marmite toast I donned my Wellington boots and headed off across the fields whilst David watched the Remembrance Service on the TV.

Everywhere was very muddy after the rain all day yesterday (Saturday). Squelch.  Squelch.  Squelch (great word).  The grass was heavy with glittering dew and everywhere shone in the sunlight.  I walked a little then just stood still taking everything in, then walked a little more - even a short walk takes me an age.  Not a sound, not another person in sight - just me and the wind in the trees - I felt like the last person on earth, it was so quiet and peaceful.

I cracked my knee as I climbed over a stile; it was very sore and hampered my progress. I struggled back up the hill, my heart thumping with the effort of it - but still happy to be out of doors, albeit limping and out …

November - Damp, Dank, Dismal and Dreary ...

11 November Martinmas. The Feast of St. Martin, Martinmas was a time for celebrations with great feasts and hiring fairs, at which farm labourers would seek new posts.
I woke to a frosted, crisp morning with a pale watercolour sky.

The bright sunny autumn had retreated and the weather has become typical November.  Damp, dank, dismal and dreary.  I went shopping, determined to find some colour to cheer me up.  I found it on the fruit and flower stalls at the market.

As the day moved on it turned bleaker  bringing with it the sort of cold that seeps into your bones.  After lunch I wrapped up warm and walked across fields until I came to the top of a hill with a panoramic view

I could see the Grand Union Canal stretching away in the distance

I looked for colour and found Gorse and Holly bushes

I didn't linger - it was too cold and miserable - I made my way back home to a hot cup of tea, buttery crumpets with honey and a roaring log fire - a perfect end to the afternoon.  I refuse to…

Bewitched, Beguiled and Besotted ...

Saturday, 29th October
The village was full or horses and riders - a hunt meeting.  The roads congested with hunt followers in their 4x4's.   There is one old gentleman who always follows on his bicycle - he cycles a long way to keep up with the riders.  He must be in his late 70's/early 80's by now - fit as a fiddle.  He has been doing it for years. (shame about the quality of the picture, I took it through the bedroom window)!

In the afternoon I collected sloes from the blackthorn bushes to make sloe gin and sloe and apple jelly.

Sunday 30th October
A dull, bland day, with no weather to speak of.  The clocks were turned back and it began to grow dusk at about 5 o'clock.

Monday 31st October
After a really foggy start the sun came out and stayed out all day - so warm.  I worked in the garden spreading my home-made compost as a mulch around the plants; raked up leaves and swept paths.  A very satisfying day - a bonus day really, and I am happy that I made the most of it. …