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2016 Calendar - The Year in a Nutshell ...

Almost the end of another year.  The pictures I have chosen for my calendar are not necessarily the best photos I have taken but those that evoke a memory of a time or a place.  I have spent many more hours out of doors this year - gardening, walking - watching the seasons turn and revelling in each and every one.  Time is precious and I don't feel I have wasted it but observed  and participated and enjoyed living life to the full.  Over the year I have posted hundreds of photos and have taken hundreds more; my camera seems permanently glued to my hand these days.  I have also kept a daily diary which has been useful when my memory has let me down.  There has been a constant struggle to find time to spend on the computer reading blogs and leaving comments, but I  felt I needed to change my priorities so I set myself a challenge at the beginning of 2016 - to get out and about more exploring; to read at least forty books during the year ( my book list on Goodreads tells me that I h…

and the fog rolls in over the rumpled hills ...

The fog rolled in over the rumpled hills and stayed all day, creating a still and eerie, sound deadened quality to the landscape; trees and ghostly sheep disappeared leaving only sketchy outlines of where they once stood; crows fly, silently, invisible; into the murk and gloom. The following day the sun burnt the remains of the fog and the sky became clear and blue once more.  I watched as a cow gazed dreamily at her reflection in the pond, whilst her friends lolled about on the hillside; cudding and dreaming.  Startled sheep with ears pricked, watched as I strode towards the fence, timid but inquisitive.   A few trees hang on to the last of their leaves, and berries shimmer scarlet in the sunlight.  I walk until the sun goes down and dusk falls; a robin sings the last song of evening.

the first Lenten rose is blooming 
north south east west - home's best

Sunlight and Shadow, Frost and Fire ...

A nice, calm morning - no wind, not too cold, no sun but still bright.  Checked on C next door to see if she was OK and she said she would like to go for a walk with me.  I took her on one of my secret walks that I have found whilst exploring - climbing over gates, jumping across streams and stumbling over filthy, muddy, boggy areas where livestock had been - I think she enjoyed it, although our footwear was pretty yukky by the end of the walk.

After breakfast I went 'hedgerow walking'.  I visited the hundred acre field (my name for it, no idea if it is a hundred acres or not, but it is a pretty big field).  I walked along the whole hedgerow looking for nothing in particular - berries, birds nests, a woodpecker darting from tree to tree - a miniature forest of ash saplings, bramble patches.  Although it wasn't particularly cold I began to feel chilled. I had stayed out too long.  I carried on and completed the field -  looking back over where I had walked - …