Tuesday 4 June 2024

Tuesday Things


Last night I dreamed about Monty Don - was this a dream or had I seen a reel of it on Instagram - I can still remember all of it which is rare remembering a dream.  There he was on a stage receiving an award dressed in an old kilt and camouflage jacket and carrying a sheaf of golden rod flowers - the kilt dropped down to his ankles showing black boxer shorts and he turned and wiggled his backside to the audience before walking off stage. There  - surely it must have been a dream it couldn’t possibly have happened in real life - what a weird dream and why on earth did I concoct those images in my subconscious.

Saturday 1 June 2024

Something about a Saturday


Went to the post office to bank some money - took a bagful of clothes to the Salvation Army drop off point in the Co-op car park including a pair of raspberry leather boots which I’ve hung on to even though I can’t wear them as they hurt my bunions I paid a lot for them as well but no point in keeping them if I can’t wear them. Still battling the slugs which are slowly eating their way round the garden. My birthday present from a friend finally arrived three months late it’s an Amelanchier which I’ve always wanted - it will probably be years before it reaches its full potential - just hope I live that long.

Sunday 26 May 2024

It’s Sunday Again


I’ve been busy. Every spare moment when it hasn’t been raining I been trying to keep up with the garden jobs - it’s hard it’s constant there’s so much to do. Most of the beans I have planted have been attacked by slugs - they are so destructive - I really wonder why I bother - they have even begun on a tomato plant - something that’s never happened before and the courgette leaves another one that’s never happened before - they are voracious this year. It’s all a bit disappointing - the only plants that seem to be doing okay are the potatoes. It was a sunny day on Saturday so I gave myself the afternoon off and read outside and finished a book that I only bought on Thursday - an easy read - the first book I have finished in a while - sometimes I flit from book to book - start one then put it down and pick up another - perhaps that indicates what state my mind is in I don’t know. I do seem to have a lot on my mind at the moment and it unsettles me. So blogging might be a little hit and miss for now

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Wednesday Goings On


Rain stopped play - it rained all day.  Went shopping - spent too much money - got annoyed but I didn’t buy anything unnecessary so not sure why my bill was so much - although I did buy a plant for a friends birthday so that bumped the bill up a bit - anyway she was pleased with it so I was pleased about that. The rest of the day was a non event really - woke up a little later this morning which was a blessing but then found we had a blocked toilet which was a nuisance - spent ages trying to unblock it looking at YouTube videos for answers - it unblocked eventually but very frustrating and not very nice. sometimes you think why is this happening. I just want a simple uncomplicated life that’s not too much to ask is it.

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Tuesday Things


Woke up at 4.45am that’s early - but at least I was ready for 9am when the pond man came. He did a great job, nice with it, he took away the surplus fish. I did a lot of standing  about and my knees are paying for it - so after he had packed everything away and left not a lot else got done. It rained all morning and was colder than it has been so we lit the fire in the evening just to cheer the room up really. And that was Tuesday. Usually my shopping day but it will be tomorrow instead. Bedtime now to catch up on the sleep I lost hopefully.

Monday 20 May 2024

Monday musings


After a busy weekend - a slowish day - a day to recuperate and gather my strength - we were hoping the pond man would come but no - he had been delayed - so tomorrow at 9am instead. Meaning I will have to get my act together early instead of dawdling over breakfast and no reading in the bath. I changed the bed linen and did two wash loads and hung them out pottered a little in the garden then rested in the afternoon - read a little at the top of the garden with my feet raised as the ground was crawling with ants. Chicken casserole for tea and Blue Lights on tv later. Husband put Coolglass on the greenhouse roof to keep it cool and so the plants won’t burn. And that’s it - a slow day.

Sunday 19 May 2024

It’s Sunday Again


It’s been a lovely day today so I planted out my tomato plants - seven of them - each a different variety. Courgettes are planted out too - three different varieties two in pots a patio type courgette the other in the ground. Three bush variety tomato planted in the raised planter. So for now that’s me done - just the purple sprouting broccoli waiting till I have cleared some more ground.  Sat indoors for a while to cool off and watched some episodes of Christine’s Garden for inspiration.  Roast pork for tea with lemon meringue pie for afters.  Watching The Responder drama later. Forgot to mention yesterday that I spent some time snipping off all the dead branches of the Victoria plum tree which I will keep for kindling for the fire a nice little job that I enjoyed doing. Something I forgot to mention is that this morning we trimmed back the willow branches so they didn’t brush against the greenhouse roof and I cut back the flag iris in the wildlife pond as it had fallen in the water and pulled a load of nettles that had come through the fence from the neighbours side - I think that’s it now.