Monday, 20 June 2011

Perfect Morning

The sun is out, the birds are chattering, cooing, chirping - a perfect morning to cycle to the allotment.  My two sheep were sheared yesterday, at last.  Everything was set for last Sunday but it rained and had to be called off.  Prayed that this Sunday the rain would hold off long enough, and it did, just.  I took the camera up with me to get a pic of my newly shorn boys, but they refused to co-operate - but I bet they are glad to get rid of those heavy coats for the summer.  If we have one.

The plot looks absolutely luscious at the moment, plenty of raspberries, redcurrants and gooseberries to pick, plus sweet williams and sweet peas from the cutting garden - the recent daily showers have really helped and I have been able to collect lots of rainwater, which was going down rather rapidly during the long, dry spell.

I have taken quite a few pics this morning, and if the computer will speed up a little I will try and get them all posted.

Sweet peas growing up nets with self-seeded poppies.

Sweet Williams - still loads left even after picking several bunches.

Redcurrants - just part of a huge bush that definitely needs pruning after all the fruit has been picked.  Hopefully, enough fruit for at least ten jars of redcurrant jelly.

I had several other pics to show but the computer is playing up this morning so I will leave them till another day.


  1. I can relate to your red currant pruning dilemma. I have a wild blackberry bush that is in great need of pruning, but I am waiting until I can pick those lovely berries...then I'll give it a nice haircut. Welcome to Blotanical!

  2. That looks like a pretty fantastic Redcurrant crop! I don't have any of those any more: mine got infested by the blister aphids and the yields went down so much that I decided to dig up the bushes and try something else. I have Autumn Bliss raspberries now.

  3. Sage Butterfly - thanks for your welcome - it looks like it's a good blogging community.

    Mark - is blister aphid what makes the leaves curl over. When I got my redcurrants home this morning a green shield bug hopped out. Not sure what is was doing there - they are supposed to feed on hazel.

  4. Elaine, the Sweet Williams are just beautiful! I have some in my garden as well. I got the seeds from my Dad and they started blooming yesterday (on Father's Day). I just love to pick them as well.

    Lovely photos in your blog! Will look forward to seeing more, when your computer is co-operating.

  5. Thanks - I love it that fellow gardeners' are so generous with their comments.