"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." Oscar Wilde

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Where the Wild Things Grow … The World Beyond the Garden Gate …

I have a passion for wild flora.  Since moving to the country over thirty years ago my passion has swelled and grown. 



My love for my garden is well documented but my heart lies in the wild where Mother Nature scatters seed where she will and puts on spectacular shows for us to gaze upon with open-mouthed wonder.

cow parsley


The last few weeks have been spent working tirelessly at home doing all the things that a dedicated gardener has to do at this time of year – but sometimes a break is needed  to appreciate the other things in life, the world beyond the garden gate.


And so we went in search of where the wild things grow – secret places of tangled tunnels and verdant growth.  We were not disappointed.  For May is the time of abundance in the plant world.  Hawthorn blossom and Cow Parsley, Campion and Buttercup and where newly budded pine cones light up the trees like a thousand Christmas candles.

red campion


On our walk we were accompanied by the song of the Skylark rising high in the overcast sky becoming faint and distant as it soared higher and higher.  Birdsong surrounded us as we stood in the thickets breathing in the scent of may blossom and pine – the earthy smell of the undergrowth after morning rain. 






may blossom

Sometimes we forget to notice the ordinary – the plants that have been provided for free – the frothing filigree of Queen Anne’s Lace that grace the roadside verges is surely a sight for sore eyes but is taken for granted; plants that we call weeds in the garden suddenly take on more significance when out in the wild.  The untamed jungle that is Nature at its best.  We found that today, and came home to the ordered planting of the garden, with a renewed sense of belonging to these wild places that give us such pleasure.


Home Sweet Home.

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