Friday, 28 August 2015

Daily Pleasures ...

This week I have been ~
Enjoying the last of the summer flowers

Waking early and watching the sun rise

Taking pleasure seeing the berries on the Rowan Tree ripening
Trying to capture the Thistle Down as it floats  across the field
Finding different seed heads
Looking for a break in the clouds
Watching the breeze blow the curtains

Luxuriating in eating warm ripe tomatoes fresh from the vine


Picking apples before they fall
 In spare moments reading  one of my favourite authors - Rosamunde Pilcher.  Her books are old-fashioned and charming - good, plain storytelling that draws you into the lives of her characters, and very un-put-downable.  Nothing fancy or highbrow - just a darn good read.
Delighting in evening skies
Each day brings its own pleasures, however small - some make me smile.  Like the return of the Robin whose song can be heard again in the garden.  Or watching a mother Pigeon and her almost grown chick, with a face only a mother could love, canoodling on the garden table, their heads bobbing and necks intertwining with an obvious affection. 
Lastly, the big living room make-over has begun.  The table and chairs taken away to be stripped and waxed.  Everything from cupboards boxed up, including lots of old LP's - I spent the day playing some old favourites from the 60's - Beach Boys, Bee Gee's, Beatles - bringing back memories of living at home, when my Dad would surprise us with these gifts.  We really should get rid of them as most are now duplicated in CD form - but I haven't the heart.  They are battered and scratched and jump when played - but are filled with sentiment for my teenage years. The sofa has been booked in for re-upholstering and fabric chosen.  This weekend we start stripping the walls. It's going to be a long job and the room will be upside-down for a few weeks yet - but, needs must.

As my husband retires today there is plenty to keep him occupied over the next few weeks.  It will be strange having him at home all day.  It seems that life really is all about change at the moment.
And that's just about it for this week - I'll leave you with this lovely poem about September.

Now thin mists temper the slow ripening beams
Of the September sun; his golden gleams
On gaudy flowers shine, that prank the rows
Of high-grown hollyhocks, and all tall shows.
That Autumn flaunted in his bushy bowers
Where tomtits, hanging from the drooping heads
Of giant sunflowers, peck the nutty seeds;
And in the feather aster
bees on wing
Seize and set free the honied flowers,
Til thousand stars leap with their visiting:
While ever across the path
Unpiloted by the sun,
The dreamy butterflies
With dazzling colours powdered and soft glooms,
White, black and crimson stripes, and peacock eyes
Or on chance flowers sit,
With idle effort
one by one
The nectaries of deepest-throated blooms.
The Garden in September
~ Robert Bridges

'Til next time - take care. I can't believe it will soon be September!

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