Monday 20 May 2024

Monday musings


After a busy weekend - a slowish day - a day to recuperate and gather my strength - we were hoping the pond man would come but no - he had been delayed - so tomorrow at 9am instead. Meaning I will have to get my act together early instead of dawdling over breakfast and no reading in the bath. I changed the bed linen and did two wash loads and hung them out pottered a little in the garden then rested in the afternoon - read a little at the top of the garden with my feet raised as the ground was crawling with ants. Chicken casserole for tea and Blue Lights on tv later. Husband put Coolglass on the greenhouse roof to keep it cool and so the plants won’t burn. And that’s it - a slow day.

Sunday 19 May 2024

It’s Sunday Again


It’s been a lovely day today so I planted out my tomato plants - seven of them - each a different variety. Courgettes are planted out too - three different varieties two in pots a patio type courgette the other in the ground. Three bush variety tomato planted in the raised planter. So for now that’s me done - just the purple sprouting broccoli waiting till I have cleared some more ground.  Sat indoors for a while to cool off and watched some episodes of Christine’s Garden for inspiration.  Roast pork for tea with lemon meringue pie for afters.  Watching The Responder drama later. Forgot to mention yesterday that I spent some time snipping off all the dead branches of the Victoria plum tree which I will keep for kindling for the fire a nice little job that I enjoyed doing. Something I forgot to mention is that this morning we trimmed back the willow branches so they didn’t brush against the greenhouse roof and I cut back the flag iris in the wildlife pond as it had fallen in the water and pulled a load of nettles that had come through the fence from the neighbours side - I think that’s it now.

Saturday 18 May 2024

Something about a Saturday


A bit of an easier day today potted up a few annuals for a little colour on the container deck. Sat outside and read while the sun was out. Pizza for tea then the new series of Rebus on tv.

Friday 17 May 2024

That Friday Feeling


Three quarters of my garden is devoted to flowers trees and shrubs - the last quarter is for vegetables and it is the quarter I love the most.  Why you may ask.  I think it’s not because it produces food and fits in with my survival ethos  but because it is organised when the rest of the garden runs riot. I can keep control where the rest of the garden controls me. I have spent most of the day planting weeding pulling out invasive wild flowers pruning and generally keeping myself happy. But I have worked myself to a standstill - I am alright while I keep going but once I stop that’s it I seize up.  But I got through a lot of stuff today so it’s worth it.

Thursday 16 May 2024

Thursday Thoughts


The only gardener before me was my maternal grandfather.  The garden was a wraparound on three sides of the house the front garden was edged with privet, as most gardens were in those days.  The side garden was lawn with a circular bed in the middle housing a large shrub - but in the war years this part of the garden was dug over and vegetables planted - grandfather told me he used to stand guard over it as thieves were at large pinching his prized produce. The back garden was planted with patriotic plant colours red white and blue - salvia alyssum and lobelia the law was edged with bricks in crenellated form - there was a hen house also from the war years and a huge rhubarb patch which grandmother used to make rhubarb and date pie from and also we were given sticks of it to dip in newspaper cones filled with sugar. After his death in the 70’s the garden was neglected as grandmother couldn’t cope with it - when we visited my father would mow the grass unwillingly.  This garden still vivid in my memory.

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Wednesday Goings On


May in the garden is my favourite month when everything is green and burgeoning and the shrubs are flowering and this year even the roses are early and smelling sweet. The borders are full of forget me nots and red campion and the foxglove buds are ready to burst - aquilegia and sweet rocket and flowers that appear every year without prompting - these are the delights of the May garden.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Tuesday Things


It was raining when I woke up. It did t matter too much cos today is shopping day.  Before we left I checked the climbing beans under the fleece covers.  They were full of slugs those tiny pinkish ones all clinging inside the fleece after they had a good munch on the bean plants. So I removed the fleece as it seemed to attract them.  The runners at the top of the garden had attracted snails all neatly stuck to the canes - they all got chucked into the back field but will probably make their way back again.  That’s the trouble with growing your own everything wants a piece of the action. The rain stopped after lunch but I wasn’t in the mood to do much. Took a couple of portions of spaghetti Bol out of the freezer for tea. The pond man contacted me at last and is going to give me a quote after I send him a picture of the pond so he can work out the cost of  reinvigorating it (his word) it and installing the new equipment - will probably cost an Arm and a leg - we shall see. Watched new drama series The Gathering - looks promising.