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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Queen of Climbers

As far as Clematis go I am a 'soft touch' I have seven different ones in the garden; trailing, scrambling through trees, rampaging over a picket fence, gently curving up a bamboo obelisk, intertwining with a climbing rose, over wires against a fence, up a trellis.  I can't get enough of them, each one a different colour.  They are unsurpassed in their long period of flowering (with species flowering in almost every month of the year), they seem to tolerate any aspect and climate - I love 'em.

The Clematis pictured above is my latest acquisition; found neglected, half-dead and looking sorry for itself in the half price corner of a garden centre.  My heart went out to it, I brought it home and nurtured it, giving it exactly what it needed - it's feet in the shade and it's head in the sun.  It is a soft dusky pink and I don't know it's name - there was no label with it so I shall officially name it 'Lainey's Love' unless anyone does know its real name.


  1. Nice post about lovely flowers! I think that whatever the name of that one is yours really suits it. Flighty xx

  2. I was going to post pics of all the Clematis but I am having trouble uploading at the moment.

  3. Hopefully the rescued plant will show its gratitude to you by going on to be the star of your collection. Somehow a "rescued" plant that does well seems more valuable than an expensive one that had everything going for it from the start!

  4. I love Clematis also. Nice blog and plants. I am your new follower and would appreciate when you have time coming by and following also. Have a nice day.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Your nurturing certainly worked, that looks fab. Love the colour.


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