Friday, 17 June 2011

A Symphony in Purple

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.  Last year I grew Delphiniums from seed and after taking care of them when they emerged this spring (slugs love new Delph shoots), they have produced a lovely display.  Behind them is a dark purple Clematis (the tag fell off so I can't remember the name) and I have planted lilac Erysiums and purple Salvia and blue and purple Echium to complete the picture.  The photograph doesn't do it justice but it looks pretty good in real life.

Now, at this time of year, it is good to make a note of what has worked and what has not.  I think most gardeners are guilty of buying a plant from a garden centre and then finding somewhere to put it, when it really should be the other way round, that is looking for the right plant for a particular position.  At the back of my blue/purple bed there are pink Cistus waiting to flower, a pink Lavatera and a pink Buddleia, so as the year progresses pink rather than purple will dominate.

In other parts of the garden there are howling great mistakes; for instance, a Crocosmia Lucifer which is a bright orange/red which sticks out like a sore thumb - so that will get lifted in the autumn and put somewhere more appropriate. I have pale lemon Anthemis (daisy-type flower) which I love, but it always gets too tall and flops over, so I will plant nearer the back of the borders next year, with more support.

I now have to find space for seedlings of Sweet William and Wallflower to overwinter before being moved to their final growing places - a gardeners' work is never done!


  1. Good photo, I wish that my flower patch looked as colourful! Flighty xx

  2. We moved to our new home four years ago this August, and there were no real gardens, so I got to start out from fresh. I have tried to plan as best I can, but then I'd be given things from friends, and well.....

    I really agree with what you're saying here, though. I'm always jotting down things about where to move things around to in the fall or next spring...looking for things that will go well together.

    I started a bed at the side of my house, that I'm sort-of trying to model after a beautiful perennial border I saw along a wall at Hampton Court Palace, when I visited in 2008. Of course it hasn't all worked out exactly....but I have a few things from it.