Friday, 3 June 2011

The worst possible gardening job

Twice a year we trim back the ivy that covers the front and side of the house.  It is the dustiest, muckiest, messiest job there is to do in the garden.  Out come the ladders, hedge-trimmers, secateurs, leaf blower/sucker, saw, sweeping brush and extra large bags.  It takes most of the afternoon, and if, like today, the wind picks up - it takes forever to keep re-sweeping the leaves in order to get them in the bags.  It's my fault - I planted it, so I can't complain about the hard work that is involved.  Then it is loaded into the car and taken to the tip.  The dust gets up your nose, you hair gets full of bits and you get filthy.  Oh well - all in a day's work I suppose!
Pictured above:  Purple leaf Heuchara


  1. I'll remember that if I ever get to live in my dream cottage, and will get someone else to do it! Flighty xx

  2. I have similar issues with my vigorous ivy in the garden. Its a haven for wildlife and dust!

    Against the house I have Boston Ivy / parthenocisus triscupidata, but its growing in a container!

    Also I wanted to see your before and after! Why the pic of the heuchera? :-D

  3. I like your blog very much. It's a good read

  4. The photo I insert each day isn't necessarily representative of what I write - I didn't think a pic of pruned ivy would be terribly artistic

  5. Garden Tips - thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.

  6. Elaine, I completely sympathise! I had to cut back a 30ft x 5ft border crammed with age-old ivy before I could plant my fruit trees last year. It's a filthy job - but the hot bath afterwards to soak away the scratches is bliss!


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