Monday, 11 July 2011

Early Morning Light

After overnight showers, this morning has turned out sunny and bright.  Everything is sparkling with raindrops and the sunlight through the courgette flower caught my eye. 

These are James Grieve Apples which are swelling up nicely now.  They are a really delicious early Apple which smell as good as they taste.  When they mature in late August they have a lovely rosy colour, but unfortunately they don't store well.  The tree is 25 years old now and produces an abundant harvest every year without fail.


  1. I'm also a fan of the morning light. I love to get up early when I don't HAVE to get up early (e.g. on a Sunday) and go out to take some photos as the sun comes up...

  2. i love the mornings! (minus the fact that i am not a morning person! and maybe more when i am not working!) especially in the summer when the sun is warm... only had a few days like that this year so far.... if only the rain will quit it would be perfect! your flowers are lovely!

  3. I like the mornings! As you say a delicious apple. Flighty xx