Sunday, 3 July 2011

It's A Jungle Out There!

I may have mentioned before that the area of the allotment garden where I used to keep my hens has been allowed to grow wild in the hope of it returning to a small wild flower meadow.  The trouble with this is that certain wild plants have taken over, namely, Goosegrass, which is a member of ther Bedstraw family.  This plant is a far-straggling weedy annual that grows to 4ft. long, readily clinging to clothing by the tiny down-turned prickles on its fruits, stems and leaves.  It has covered everything; grown up the wire fences, climbed up into the fruit trees, and generally made a nuisance of itself.

I chose a really hot day to try and get rid of it all wearing gloves but not covering my arms - the result of which is that my arms are now covered in a nasty rash that is very sore.  It is easy to pull out, and sticks together in thick swathes - I accumulated enough to make a large 'haystack' that would fill an average shed.  Of course, as I pulled it, all the seed heads fell off, so it will re-appear next year and the whole process will begin again.

As I was clearing up to go home for a welcome bath, as I had become a hot, sweaty mess, I heard a screaming- type noise and went to investigate.  One of the cats from the neighbouring property was in the long grass with something in its mouth.  On closer inspection I saw it was a baby rabbit that was doing the screaming.  I instinctively went after it to try and make it drop the poor thing, but it ran into the hedgerow out of reach.  I know it is in a cats' nature to do these things, and when it is a rat I don't mind so much - well you know where I'm going with this.  So it is a jungle out there in more ways than one.


  1. Well I like the look of things when they get big and 'jungley'! It's very colourful.

    Too bad you had to see the bunny that way. I know it's the nature of cats. I'm very glad that I harness and supervise my beloved cat....he's safer and healthier and so is the wildlife around our home!

  2. It's a good looking jungle! What with the resident foxes there are no rabbits on our allotments! Flighty xx