Friday, 15 July 2011

Lovely Leeks

Pictured above is a Leek seedhead.  A few of the leek plants from last year went over before I had chance to use them so I dug them up and put them altogether is a spare piece of ground and left them and this is the result.  In good years tiny little leeklets will appear on this head which can then be grown on to form proper leeks.  On those where it doesn't happen I will collect the seed for next years plants.

Euphorbia seguieriana

Commonly called Spurge or Milkweed.  Flower heads consist of cup-shaped bracts, in various colours and usually each containing several flowers.  Does best in sun or partial shade and can be propogated by basal cuttings,  by division or by seed in autumn or spring.  Milky sap may irritate skin so care must be taken when handling.  This particular plant has self-seeded in my veg garden, and really does stand out with it's golden bracts.  Later on in the year I will attempt propogation as I have one or two shady spots in my flower garden that could do with brightening up.


  1. your garden looks so pretty, I love your sweet pea, the paler flowers look like one I've got rambling in my garden, just keeps flowering and flowering :) I'm so glad to have found your blog through This is my Patch Blog. Have a lovely weekend, hopefully with some sunshine! Catherine x

  2. I grow Leeks just for the seedheads. They are a great addition to the garden. As for Euphorbia, I've one variety in my garden which enjoys seeding itself everywhere! x