Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Bit of a Ramble

Wistow Church
 Yesterday therewere strong winds all day, making it almost impossible to be out in the garden, so I decided to take a canal walk.  Where I live we are surrounded  by the Grand Union Canal , five minutes drive in any direction and there is somewhere to walk by the water.

Cattle Bridges built in 1939
 There are lots of lovely old bridges that were, and possibley still are, for getting cattle across to the fields on the other side.

Fallen branches hang across the water

Flag Iris seedpods waiting to dry and scatter their seeds

Willow Herb seedpods that have sprung open revealing cobwebby seedcases

Because the canals are enclosed the wind wasn't so strong down there and I enjoyed my peaceful walk, without seeing another human being. just a few Mallard and Coot to keep me company.   


  1. Great walk. I love the shot of the branches over the water.

  2. Lovely photos you captured on your walk.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. What a lovely walk. Thank you for taking us on it!

  4. ...and you 'new post' has shown up on the top of my blogroll, for the first time. Remember I was telling you that it never refreshed and showed the new for me before? It does now!

  5. That's my idea of a lovely walk, and the photos are terrific! This end of the Grand Union Canal is just a couple of miles away.
    Just to confirm that both your blogs are updating on Google reader. Flighty xx

  6. Thank you for letting me know my posts are now updating,it has taken me long enough to find out the problem - thank goodness I have now resolved it.

  7. Thanks for letting me know that you are now receiving my posts - at last I have resolved the problem

  8. A nice alternative to working in the garden.

  9. Oh, I like your Watermint. How pretty. It must be so wonderful to have so many place to walk by the water.There is always something going on there. So many historic places to visit.

  10. Elaine, I love that second shot! Such a peaceful scene, but it wants me to get out for a walk!!
    You asked about the Russian sage - you are right - it is Perovskia atriplicifolia.

  11. Great post Elaine, you capture so much in just a few words and photos!

  12. Judy thank you - quite a compliment coming from such an expert photographer!

    Thanks everyone for all your comments.

  13. Oh, what a lovely walk with you around the canal. Kind of a late summer ramble. That water mint is very pretty.


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