Friday, 5 August 2011

Flower Friday

Dahlia (semi-cactus)
 The only place for this flower is in the Dahlia bed, anywhere else in the garden, and it would stick out like a sore thumb.

This white Phlox has taken an age to come into flower.  This is probably because it grows in dappled shade when it should have full sun.  It looks its best in the evening light, when all white flowers come into their own.

 This is a rather garish pink Lavatera which in my view is rather gaudy, but when you sow a mixed packet of seeds you can't be sure what colours are going to emerge.  I definitely much prefer the white version.

Hardy Fuchsia
This plant was in the garden when we moved into this house.  Twenty-odd years ago it was very small, but year by year has grown into a very large shrub, beautiful with its lantern like flowers dripping from every stem.  The only maintenance it needs, is to be cut to the ground every February, for new growth to begin again. 


  1. I love to see the flowers that you're growing Elaine! Wonderful dahlia with stunning colours, most envious!! Lovely to see that you've kept the fuschia going for over two decades, a credit to your gardening talents! x

  2. Gorgeous Mallow. I really love Fuschias, lost several to the frost last Winter. That same Fuschia is growing at my Mother's house, it was planted by her uncle many year's ago.

  3. It's a good old-fashioned variety I think it endures because it's not showy like some modern versions.

  4. Another lovely selection! Flighty xx