Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ornamental Garden

If anyone had asked me if my garden was ornamental I would have said not really.  Functional yes, decorative no.  But then I got to thinking, well, maybe it is a bit more decorative than I originally thought.  A little wander round the  garden with the camera unveiled a few things that could be thought of a decorative, that I hadn't really taken much notice of.

Water pump that used to draw water from the well at the side of the house

Smiling earthenware sun on the trellis

Bench with insect hotel beneath

Inherited statue of a boy

Inherited statue of a girl who keeps watch over the wildlife pond

Old tin watering can

Old garden chair acting as a plant stand

Old tin buckets acting as containers

Metal arch used for climbing beans and bamboo obelisks

Old chimney pot used as a bird bath
 These functional yet decorative items, mostly recycled, blend in so well that you would hardly know they were there unless you looked for them, like I did.

Metal obelisk used a nut feeder for the birds


  1. I love all your special garden things. I recently read somewhere that a true cottage garden has to have some things like these. I need to get busy collecting some!

    Cheers, Diane

  2. I love your oranments! Especially the statuary! I have a young boy similar to yours, and have always called him Oliver - he has moved with me to three different homes & gardens!

  3. I have lots of garden ornamentation too. I love it, adds interest.

  4. I like your ornaments, too, especially the repurposed chimney pot. What a great use for it!

  5. All it takes is a little imagination in the creativity department, thanks for your comments.

  6. I'm not that keen on many garden ornaments but I would be more than happy to have any of these in mine! Flighty xx