Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wildflower Wednesday

Elder (Sambucus Nigra)
 A native shrub or small tree, long cultivated and still well known for its aromatic white flowers and black berries used for cordial and wine-making.  It has musk scented wood and leaves, the muscatel-scented flowers flavour sweet and savoury dishes .  The berries give a port-like wine, and add flavour, colour and vitamin C to cordials, jams and pies, the buds can be pickled.  The Elder yields green, violet and black dyes.  A leaf brew can be used as an insecticide.  Named the 'country medicine chest' for its many health uses it is also rich in European folklore.  As the berries ripen, it is a sure sign that autumn is on its way.


  1. Noooo! I don't want Autumn to be on its way - I'm going out the back to cut the wretched things down!

  2. Elderberry has so many healthful benefits. Lovely shot!

  3. The Sage Butterfly - I spotted this whilst out on my bicycle - luckily I had the camera with me.

    Martin - you can feel autumn in the air this week don't you think. Personally, I look forward to it.