Monday, 12 September 2011

Absolute Perfection

This Pom pom Dahlia, only has a small flower head, and it certainly isn't as showy as most Dahlias, but I love the compact neatness of the flower head and the incurved petals.  It is quite vigorous producing lots of perfect little flowers.  The awful weather we have had this year has affected the plants and they have been bashed and battered, flattened by badgers, dug up by cats and the blooms spoiled by rain.  But are we downhearted!  The answer is yes - but we'll try again next year, and hope for better results.


  1. I do like the small pompom types! Flighty xx

  2. Very nice, Elaine. I grow a little white pom pom and a very dark red dahlia. They are truly perfect flowers. And well done in overcoming such a formidable list of obstacles.

  3. Wonderful outlook!