Thursday, 6 October 2011

Oranges and Lemons

I find the yellows and oranges very difficult to place in the garden - they don't seem to fit in with my mainly blue, lilac and pink colour scheme - so I plonk them all in the front garden where they can shout out their colour together.  As you can probably spot, there are one or two anomalies here which need to be removed, namely, the Japanese Anemone and the bright cerise pink Geranium, which don't exactly blend in with the scheme of things - well, we all make mistakes - don't we?
(Excuse the patchwork brickwork in the background - it has just been re-pointed).  So far in this bed I have Nasturtiums, Crocosmia, Calendula and Rudbeckia.  Yesterday I took out a bluey/lavender Penstemon which needed a bit of tlc, so I have potted it up, cut it right back and taken cuttings.  I also did the same with an Aster which looked a bit poorly.  In the space that was left by removing these two I will be transplanting a pale lemon Anthemis which is in the wrong spot in the back garden.  So it is all change - for the better I hope.
These are the Penstemon cuttings - if they all take I will be a happy bunny.


  1. typing in lower case because of cat on lap...i mix yellows in small quantities and dont have much orange.......kudos to you for being so rganized

  2. The plot is covered in orange and yellow flowers what with nasturtiums, pot marigolds and sunflowers! If I had a garden I would probably be more selective. Flighty xx

  3. Its not that I diskike the colours it just that I don't feel they blend in, and also the soil in the front garden is pretty poor so they produce more flower and less leaf.

  4. I love your placement of these oranges and lemons. Eye-catching for passersby!

  5. I really like purples mixed in with yellows and oranges. Verbena bonariensis and verbena rigida have worked really well with my calendula and rudbeckias.


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