Friday, 21 October 2011

Put on your Dress of Red and Gold

There are still a few hangers-on in the garden, unwilling to give in to the season, but soon their time will be at an end for another year.
The Dahlias are looking very scruffy now but until they are hit by frost they will stay as they are, giving just a little more pleasure.
And the hardy Fuschia  with the Eryngium behind have flowered and flowered and show no signs of stopping.

The Sempervivum theatre is also going strong and increases every year, they are supposed to be drought-resistant, but some are looking a little sorry for themselves.  I will have to give them a good sort out next spring, if they survive the winter.
The sky early this morning was tinted with lavender and pink hues which changed by the minute - you know what they say about 'red sky in the morning'.  We shall have to wait and see.


  1. Do you leave the Dahlias in the ground, or do you lift them for indoor storage during the Winter?

  2. Lovely! Sadly there was overnight frost here during the week which finished off my plot neighbour's dahlias. Flighty xx

  3. Hi,

    Lovely photos :)

    I pulled up my Dahlias yesterday; they were still blooming but I really needed to get my bulbs planted so they had to come out. It's a shame really but now the bulbs are in the pots hopefully in later years the Dahlias can stay a little longer :D

  4. Love Dahlias but they don't do in the heavy ground here. Fuschias have done amazingly well this Autumn. Love the colours of Autumn.

  5. Your mid Autumn border is still so vibrant. Nice shot. Culling the dahlias is so hard when there is still some bloom but the old must make way for the young!

  6. It's a case of "enjoy it while you still can" isn't it. And you have lots to still enjoy!

  7. Lovely colours! Wonder how long you'll have them. I have got to stop looking at dahlia pictures. Too tempting!