Friday, 11 November 2011

Alone and Far Removed

Alone and Far Removed
Audie Murphy

Alone and far removed from earthly care
The noble ruins of men lie buried here.
You were strong men, good men
Endowed with youth and much the will to live.
I hear no protest from the mute lips of the dead.
They rest; there is no more to give.

So long, my comrades,
Sleep ye where you fell upon the field.
But tread softly please
March o'er my heart with ease
March on and on,
But to God alone we kneeled.


  1. A beautiful combination of words and image to remember.

  2. I agree with what Nikki says! Flighty xx

  3. Hi Elaine. What a wonderful poem. I had never read it before.Your Poppy photo is gorgeous. We are honored by so many who have served or who are serving for our freedoms.