Boxing Day

Indoor Plants - Boxing Day

Outdoor Flowers - Boxing Day
 Boxing Day is so called because it was the custom for tradesmen to collect their Christmas boxes or gifts in return for good and reliable service throughout the year.  But it is thought the tradition stems from Roman times when money to pay for athletic games was collected in boxes.  Later the Romans brought the idea of collecting boxes to Britain and the clergy used similar boxes to collect money for the poor at Christmas.  On the day after Christmas the priests opened the boxes to distribute the contents.


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful It makes me wish spring was closer than it is. lol lovely garden

  2. And here I thought Boxing Day was about putting away the boxes gifts came in ;-) In any case, I see you celebrate it by photographing your flowers :-)

  3. I have not heard of Boxing Day until my UK blogging friends have been talking about the day. It is not one celebrated here in the states, but sounds like an interesting custom. You flowers are really beautiful. This is the time of year that we gardeners begin to dream of spring planting. Happy New Year.

  4. Lovely pictures, and is that a California poppy in flower! Flighty xx

  5. With those Narcissi flowering, it seems like Spring already. My garden is all green and grey at present.


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