Friday, 9 December 2011

The Story Behind the Name

I have linked up with Garden Faeries Musings where she wonders how different bloggers chose the name for their blog.  There are quite a few weird and wonderful names for blogs out there and I have often pondered about their origins - Bumble Lush for one.

I have only been blogging since May of this year, and being a late-comer to this computer lark, had no idea that there was so much gardening going on in the blogosphere.  I joined UK Veg Gardeners  and found a site of like-minded people who just wanted to talk about veggie gardening, which was my greatest love.  But it wasn't enough, I had got the bug and wanted more.

And so my blog was born, or should I say, sweated over.  My technical computer knowledge was nil, it took me hours to set it up, with lots of swearing and frustration, it nearly didn't happen at all.

But what to call it.  I hit on the 'Rosebank' part as that is the name of my house, the Ramblings came after trying all sorts of combinations  Rantings, Ravings, Ruminating, Rural - anything beginning with the letter 'R'.  And Ramblings from Rosebank it became.

My first post on Sunday, 15th May, 2011 was called Garden Allsorts I don't quite know why I called it that as I didn't actually say anything about gardening in the post at all - but I kinda wish I had actually called my blog by that name.  And here we are, 186 posts later, still rambling on.


  1. They always say the name should be memorable...I think a house name is a good place to start.

  2. I love the sound of Rosebank Ramblings it really conjures up images of English country gardens. Great name.

  3. I love the name of your blog Elaine. It automatically brings to mind beauty and wonderful stories which you do so well.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I agree with Welly!
    You may be relatively new to blogging but for me your blogs are always such a joy to read.
    I have done a similar post in the past but will do one on Sofa flying sometime soon.
    Long may you ramble on! Flighty xx

  5. Good going, Elaine. 186 is very impressive!

  6. Have always loved your blog to ramble along with you in your garden!
    Your picture has changed to reflect WInter - does this mean I can stop envying you your long growing season?

  7. I think Rambling is the perfect choice to team up with Rosebank :)

    After all there's rambling roses, it suggests all kinds of possibilities re days out or talking about anything you want to.

    It also suggests you taking us on all kinds of wonderful visits to your garden.

    Sometimes a name 'feels' just right and yours does.

  8. Keep rambling. I joined your blog because I love England--honestly, just can't get enough of England. The best way to learn computer skills is to just do it, and you are doing well. I love your photos and I love your narratives.

  9. I think the name Rosebank Ramblings suits your blog really well. The Allsorts name I don't like as it reminds me of Liquorice Allsorts which I hate!