Monday, 23 January 2012

July and January - Before and After

 I thought it would be interesting to look at all the borders in the garden at the moment, and compare them to photos taken in July of last year.  (Click on any photo to enlarge)

Container garden - Jan 2012
Container garden - July 2011
 The containers that are now full of bulbs and pansies were planted with pale pink geraniums in the summer.  The purple clematis is in full flow on the fence which is beginning to get clothed in ivy which also surrounds the pots.

Purple patch - Jan 2012

Purple patch - July 2011
 Only the lavender is prominent with the grey foliage in winter, in July this bed was full of delphiniums, erysimum and echium with pink and purple flowering shrubs at the back of the border. The patch of yellow argyranthemums (not sure if that's right - lets say yellow daisies) has been moved now, as it stuck out like a sore thumb.

Patchwork garden January 2012

Patchwork garden - July 2011
 You would never necognise this as the same border it changes all year round dependant on what has self-sown that year.  The orange blossom has made some significant growth in the corner and smells divine in the heat of the day.

Shrubbery January 2012

Shrubbery July 2011
The shrubbery can hardly be called that now as last winter finished off quite a few of the shrubs.  I have several hebes waiting to take their place.  I allow pineapple mint to roam free in this bed which gives it a kind of unity.  I will be interested to see what comes up in this bed in the spring as I planted anemone blanda by the bucket load and various other plants that have disappeared underground - I just hope I haven't accidentally dug them up in a weeding frenzy.


Raised beds January 2012

Raised beds July 2011
The planting of the raised beds is very luxuriant with every bit of space taken up with salady stuff,  and anything spare that would not fit in at the allotment.  I planted a lot more containers of veg last year, which were surprisingly successful.

Shade garden January 2012

Shade garden July 2011
The shade garden is under the apple trees and in early spring is full of aquilegia and sweet rocket, followed by feverfew and foxgloves, though by the time this picture was taken they had all disappeared.

Front garden January 2012

Front garden July 2011
 I have gradually been replacing the plants in this border for yellow, orange and rust coloured flowers.  But on looking at this photo I quite like the mismatch of colours.  At the moment it is planted with wallflowers, which should look good mixed in with the tulips.

I have enjoyed looking back on last summers' pictures, you soon forget just what it looked like six months ago - and it gives you hope that it will all come back and be just as stunning this year.  Later in the year when the garden is in full-swing I will do this excercise again and compare like for like in each area of the garden.


  1. I love the contrast of the garden at rest and in full bloom! Your container garden area is so atmospheric -- I love the greenery growing over and through the fencing material. So lovely.

  2. What a wonderful comparison of the seasons. You have given your garden interest for all the seasons which I like Elaine. I need to do more about that in my own gardens.

  3. It always amazes me how different a garden, or allotment, looks in just a few months.
    Looking at the pictures I see that there's still plenty of interest in yours now. Flighty xx

  4. oh how I wait for Summer to return! yes, there are interesting views this time of year, but still, nothing beats the lush green and rainbow colors of the flowers in summer. Love your comparison, maybe I should dare to do that as well...

  5. I enjoy seeing before and after shots of gardens. There is always such a beautiful change.I really like your container garden...lovely!

  6. I always enjoy seeing before and after shots. You have a great garden. What a great space to grow veggies too!

  7. Amazing the differences that occur in a few short months. Great idea to have some veggies growing in home garden.

  8. What a great idea Elaine, and what a good way to remember all the colour that will return with the warmer weather, just when it is all at its most dreary. I love your container garden, such a simple idea but it works so well in that space.