Friday, 6 January 2012

The Promise of Spring

Even in the coldest, darkest months of the year we can look forward to the dawn of a new season.  Delight in the first awakenings as tiny buds burst forth and miniature leaves unfurl revealing the treasures of the new year.

Amelanchier, Clematis, Fern

One moment the earth is brown, bare and devoid of life, the next something catches the eye and there, defying the cold and pushing its way toward the light, is a delicate green shoot.  It seems far too fragile to survive the hostile conditions, yet as you look around, you realise that it is not alone.

poppy, cornflower, limnanthes, aquilegia
Overhead, twigs and branches are flushing with colour, buds are fattening and there is the happy realisation that winter is on the wane. 

On the downside the wind has been doing its best to wreck the garden.  This is my mini greenhouse with the cover torn to shreds and the frame all in pieces.  Luckily, it wasn't expensive and can be replaced.  I should have taken it into the greenhouse for safety, but didn't really think of it till it was too late.

This is what remains of my suspended bird table, the chains that held it have snapped and the feeders have emptied their contents all over the floor.  Some emergency surgery needed methinks!  The lid of my compost bin was blown off and it smashed up a blackcurrant bush nearby, even though I had put a heavy weight on the bin lid.  When will this wind stop!


  1. Hi Elaine,Happy new year! I hope you had a nice Christmas. I am sorry to read about your greenhouse and bird feeder. Wind can certainly take a toll. Our old house has 3 stories and with a strong wind it creaks and groans. Sometimes it feels as if we live in a boat! LOL

  2. It has certainly been stormy. Fortunately we haven't had any damage. I'm sorry to hear about your wind damage. I'm not sure which I prefer the wind and rain we've had this winter or the snow of last. I was having a poke around my garden this morning and I'm amazed at the amount of bulbs and buds pushing up already. It just seems so early hopefully we won't get a late cold spell.

  3. We have calm conditions at last here. No real damage, fortunately, although the garden furniture was re-located...

  4. So glad your storm has passed. It went over the channel to Holland. Buds are a sure sign that spring is on the way. Hope! o Jenny

  5. The worst of thewind passed us by, thankfully. Sorry about your damge, Elaine.

  6. Whoa you did have some wind. You can get replacement covers for those little greenhouses. I have to get a new one for mine too. The bird feeder on the other hand. Sorry. LOL!
    Spring is always such a magical time. I love seeing things start to grow and bloom. Some of mine think it is spring already here. Poor things. Have a wonderful weekend.