Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Winter Walk

After waking to frost, the sun has been dazzling later in the day, but without any heat, and the frost has soon perished in all but the shadiest of places.

The sun has brought out all the gold in the garden where it glistens in the cold light.  And on the Hydrangea Petiolaris outside the back door I found buds

All I could find along the lanes were the leftovers from Autmn

I take a familiar walk around the village, swaddled in scarf and gloves, to look for early buds or signs of spring - but there were none to be had.  The pink campion is still hanging on to a last flower, a little ragged, but persevering.

A copper leaf in the hedgerow standing out amongst the decomposing leaf litter.

The gold of the lichen on the old bare branches

Ripening berries on the ivy turning from green to red to blueberry blue

And the sun casting my shadow, long and thin, on to the dried stalks of  nettles

After a brisk walk I returned home and saw the sun highlighting a pink primula in the front garden the only plant flowering besides the poor old hebe which I chopped back to within an inch of its life after most of it died back last winter

And finally, just to make you smile

Lots of equine nostrils


  1. That gorgeous lichen looks like witch hazel - sorry, hamamelis - and the nostrils made me laugh and choke on a biccy!

  2. Such a nice Winter walk and beautiful images :-) I love the nostrils, those three sure look happy :-)

  3. Yay! Love that last picture. Thanks for sharing photos of your winter walk. I hope it was as peaceful as it came across in your pictures.

  4. We've not thawed out here yet, been frosty all day. Love your pics, especially the last one. How did you get them to smile ?

  5. Mission accomplished. I am smiling.

  6. Equine nostrils are the best :-) I like your wintry walk scenes -- they provide a great contrast for when spring starts springing!

  7. I enjoyed your winter walk, Elaine and adore your 'equine nostrils'! ~Debra

  8. Lots of welcome colour for this time of year! Flighty xx

  9. That equine nostrils shot is so cute! Was it feeding time? Like you, I like the light as it glistens on the plants in winter.

  10. I lust adore the last image. What a great perspective and subject matter. Great eye to capture that one.