Greenhouse - Mission Accomplished

With the advent of warmer weather over the last couple of days a concerted effort was made to finally clear out the greenhouse.  I was moaning about the chaos in there last week, which was 'doin' my 'ed in'. 
Mission Impossible has now become Mission Accomplished.

The beloved made a start by making more mess and shifting everything to one side - and the glass was washed, inside and out, and the moss removed from inbetween the panes of glass.  The moss is a pain as it pushes the glass out so that it leaks.   Then today we finished the job between us by cleaning the back of the greenhouse and clearing the work bench, disinfecting, getting rid of lots of rubbish, and putting everything back neatly.  Voila!  Now I can get down to the real business of seed-sowing, instead of trying to find a bit of space.  We didn't bother cleaning the roof because we cover it with Cool Glass as the weather gets warmer, so that the plants don't get scorched.

Seed Box
I am always on the look out for practical containers to keep my seed packets in.  The large packets of peas and beans are kept in a shoe box, the veg seeds in a flip-top filing box and the flower seeds in a margarine carton.  They are all fine - just not very nice to look at.  I still wanted something to put my home-saved seed in - and the other day in a charity shop, I found this:-

a pretty, carved wooden box just the right size for my little envelopes of seeds.  Much better than a margarine carton wouldn't you say?

Backdoor Shoes
You know how it is - you need a lettuce for your lunchtime salad and you can't be bothered putting your wellies on when you go and fetch it - well, here is a solution - backdoor shoes:-
 they are ideal for leaving by the back door to slip into and wander about the garden.  There are all sorts of patterns - I chose the vegetable pattern, naturally - but you can get them in Rose or Chilli, Daisy or Bluebell, Strawberry or Tomato - there are 12 patterns to choose from.  Pop over to their site and have a look I'm sure you'll love them. 


  1. The box and shoes are great Elaine - and well done for sorting out the greenhouse!

  2. Congratulations on getting the greenhouse sorted. I've got to do mine yet. Think it'll be a job for next week. Like your seed box. Yes it is better than a margarine tub. Just about to pop over to that backdoor shoes site, they look just the job.

  3. Lovely box. It has a definitely classy look. And your shoes are just like my chilli-embellished ones.

  4. I think we should have a competition for the best seed box Elaine. It is so much nicer to have something aesthetic to put these precious little packets into. I went to get the secateurs out of the shed today - what a midden...

  5. I like the backdoor shoes idea, brilliant!
    My greenhouse has still to be tackled but Tony has to clear every thing out before I clean thoroughly as I am petrified of spiders! I am really going to have to crack on and do it or I will have nowhere to put my pots of seeds.

  6. Well done you for getting the greenhouse organised, it makes you feel so much better and its easier to work with afterwards. I was going through my seeds yesterday and have put them in a CD box from a well known Swedish furniture store but I would like something 'nicer'.

  7. Pretty seed box and shoes. I keep my seeds in a photo box, and a tuperware type container.

  8. A good result all round! Flighty xx

  9. Hooray for finishing your greenhouse chores! I've also been looking for a nice box to keep my seeds in. Right now they're in plastic bags and tupperware containers. I need to change that soon. And I love the shoes!

  10. Great job on the greenhouse. I washed ours down from head to toe last week too, very satisfying! I still have to pull out some of the moss on the north side though.

  11. Your Greenhouse is good to go now Elaine. It is always a good feeling when everything is back in order. I have not started on my shed yet. LOL! Still to cool for me. Your seed box is just perfect with the floral engraving on it. Very pretty. Those shoes are just the thing girl. I have a pair of sandals at the back door I always jump into on the way out the door. For some reason I walk right out of clogs. Strange I know. LOL!

  12. Nice box.

    I've always insisted on something nice to put my seeds in!


  13. What a lovely, neat greenhouse! I'm so envious as I have neither a greenhouse or neat seedtrays at the moment!
    Your seed box is definitely preferable to an old margerine tub! Mine are in an old Turkish Delight tin which is lovely but always makes me hungry!!

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