Saturday, 4 February 2012

In Praise of the Crocus

Crocus speciosa in enamel container

I wish now I had had the foresight to plant some crocus bulbs in containers for inside use.  I always remember to buy hyacinths and paper white narcissus but never remember the smaller bulbs like crocus and scillas.

These small plants are much better seen  at eye level, when you can observe the finer markings on their petals - of course, they still look beautiful planted out in the garden, but I am getting a little creaky in the joints to really get down that far to have a good look.

Crocus in ceramic bowl

Crocus tommasininanus

Blue Bowl with Crocus
Eithne Roberts

Any sort of container will do - but I think a shallow ceramic bowl would be perfect.  In the depths of winter these exquisite little beauties are enough to bring a smile on a dreary day.

How to force Crocus flower bulbs for inside use

Fill a bowl with gravel until it is three-quarters full
Press the bulbs down firmly  - they should be able to stand up without falling over
Carefully fill the bowl with water until it just reaches the top of the gravel and only just skims the bottom of the bulb
Place in a cool, dark place for six weeks to allow the roots to form
Gently remove the bulbs from the gravel and transplant to a pot containing potting compost
Completely cover the bulb with soil allowing any green shoots to remain uncovered
Place newly potted bulbs in a warm, sunny location for flowers to bloom in approx. 4 to 6 weeks.

Of course, I am giving this advice a little too late, it is only the thought of my outdoor crocus pushing their way through the soil outdoors, that made me wish I had potted some up sooner.

Have you  been more organised than me and had the forethought to plant up some bulbs in August to be reaping the benefits now?


  1. But you'll have lots and heaps once spring comes along -- I remember your days of planting bulbs in every nook and cranny and container.

  2. August, Elaine? I have to be that organised.... Anyone can dream....maybe another year....

  3. I love crocus. I used to have drifts of crocus tommasinianus, and then the squirrels arrived. Not a one now.

  4. I wish I had thought of trying some indoors! Duh! Maybe next year I will remember. I planted some last fall after years of not having any outdoors and they are coming up now which is way too early for here. I love the ones in the enamel container. It is just a gorgeous combination.

  5. Each year I say that I am going to force bulbs for the house, but I never get around to it. Yours are really quite pretty.

  6. I didn't get organised to force any bulbs this year, and I must admit I'd never thought about trying crocuses. Makes perfect sense though, they do really deserve to admired at eye level.

  7. great post! I love the art, is it available anywhere?