Friday, 30 March 2012

A Golden Moment

I usually favour the blue spectrum in my flower garden.  But in spring it is different.  Yellows predominate.  In the summer yellow seems out of place, somehow, in spring it is highly appropriate for it goes so well with the fresh greens that show themselves.  The new growth of the grass, the leaves unfurling and the plant growth emerging from the dark soil.  The colours range from dark yellow/almost orange through to pale lemon.







Daffodils, Euonymous and Double Primrose

Pale Lemon Tulips
The warm weather has brought everything along beautifully although I have had to water my containers more than I would have liked for this time of year.  Alas, along with the new growth on my plants, comes the new growth of weeds

Couch grass
 I have been tackling this patch of couch grass for over 25 years - it comes through from the field behind - and unless I dig down to Australia, I fear I will always be tackling it.  It is in my rhubarb patch and doesn't look so bad once the rhubarb starts growing - it is the bane of my life and I have tried everything to get rid of the darn stuff.  Anyone got any ideas, that work, on getting rid of it once and for all?


  1. The Forsythia is one of my favourite this time of year - so eye catching. I also have a problem area with couch grass from a neighbouring field. However I also dig it out throughout the year. Hope someone has some better ideas.

  2. I'm thinking desperate measures...flame thrower?
    It may be easier to just move house Elaine!! x

  3. If I had a cure for Couch Grass, I'd be a rich man!
    Round our way the countryside is yellow all over - Gorse in the wild bits, and Forsythia in the gardens. Oh, and loads of Daffs of course.

  4. Hi Elaine. I am afraid I have no solutions for your grass. It must be exasperating though. Your Acer is so beautiful. I love the gold and red colors in the leaves. Your container of Lemon tulips is so pretty with the purples.

  5. Don't know about couch grass. We have bindweed and ground elder that I just keep digging out and it just keeps re-growing! Hubby likes to spray weeds with Roundup but they still grow back in the end :(

  6. Hi Elaine,

    Lovely photos :)

    As for Couch grass... Well I think we all have a battle with it, me included!
    Try boiling water? I'm guessing you don't want to use chemicals or have already tried, but it might be worthwhile having a go? If not Try putting in a really thing membrane deep into the soil to at least try to stop it coming through and then you can pull it up as it grows on your own side but at least no worrying about it coming back from the field.

    Mine comes in through my neighbours, and that's annoying enough, especially when I've plants along the fence, often things like spikey Roses or Pyracantha... I just can't easily get rid of it! :(

  7. I have a friend who only grows yellow flowers in spring, she wont have them any other time of year!I do think they are wonderful in spring because they also look beautiful with all the blues and greens about too.
    Couch grass is a real pain, I have been battling it since we moved to this new house.All you can do is keep trying. Could be worse though, have you ever had Japanese knotweed? We used to have it and it would not die back no matter what we did!

  8. Although blue is my favourite colour I do have a preference for yellow flowers. Flighty xx

  9. I love the colors, the yellows in your garden. I wish I knew how to get rid of these pesky weeds more easily, but...

  10. Love those glorious golds, Elaine. As for your persistent grass, I wonder if you'll have to do a serious kill. Cover the area with something black and opaque so that the seeds are killed, too. Might be unsightly for a few months, but perhaps worth getting rid of forever.

  11. Spring brings a wonderful feeling that makes you appreciate life and the beautiful greenery around. This season is indeed one of the best ones as it allows many plants to spring forth and put a smile on the face of those who see them like us gardeners.