Monday, 30 April 2012

Welcome back Mr. Sunshine

Ed and Alf
At last the rain has stopped and the sky is a clear blue - the sheep have ventured out from the sheds and all is well with the world, for now anyway.

7.30 p.m.
The sky last night was spectacular - half of it was pitch black, the other half just brightening as the rain cleared.

The blossom from the cherry tree is scattered all over the lawn

and the tulips are looking a bit bedraggled and folorn - but at least it has stopped raining and we have a bit of respite from the battering we have taken over the last few days.  Hello Mr. Sunshine - it's nice to see you again - welcome back!


  1. Our tulips are similarly rather the worse for wear, and our lawn (and house!) plastered with wet bits of leaves and blossom. The sky is starting to brighten, but we are still some way from sunny, and the wind is still pretty strong!
    Let's hope May brings a change for the better,

  2. The photo of the sky is amazing! The weather has been terrible but, surprise surprise, we return to work on Monday and the sunshine comes out... or maybe it just feels like that! ha ha x

  3. Hoorah! A whole day (almost) of warm sun. Mr TG romantically tied a bunch of next doors cherry blossom , that falls all over our lawn, into a little posy for me yesterday. There's something about sheep that I like (and cows), can't quite put my finger on it. Great photos Elaine x