Friday, 4 May 2012

Subtle Colour

Ornamental Cherry

Normally I don't like anything too garish or bold in the garden.
This ornamental cherry is inherited and a little too brash for my liking
but it certainly adds a splash of colour on a dull grey morning.

apple blossom
I prefer a little subtlety like the blossom of the apple tree

Or these pale pink tulips

soloman's seal
You would hardly know the Soloman's Seal was there
it is so subtle

Forget-me-nots and Lavender
A lovely combination of Forget-me-nots  scrambling through
the Lavender bush

These little pockets of colour from Honesty

and the bleeding hearts

Here and there pale lemon Cowslips puncutate the lilacs and pinks

jack-by the-hedge

A self-seeded Garlic Mustard plant
with tiny white flowers and pungent leaves.

All the above plants subtley blend in amongst the lush foliage
which is just how I like it.


  1. They all look very lovely - and great to see after this really foul weather. xxxx

  2. I like them all! Flighty xx

  3. Uncanny...I've just written a note that says 'Honesty' seeds. It occured to me earlier this evening that I've not seen it growing in our garden this year & to get some seeds. Your garden is looking just beautiful. :-)

  4. So much blooming and all so lovely. I used to have tulips like that at my old house (why don't I have them here, I'm asking myself?).

    I can't remember what they were called now!


  5. I love the cheery. Pink in the garden is my favorite. I do love the bleeding heart too. You have a lot going on in your garden and you make it look all so easy.

  6. I do like Solomon’s seal and have a couple of patches at the Priory. But it always gets eaten by sawfly (thankfully after flowering). Still it doesn’t seem to mind and comes back happily the next year. No moaning, no fuss, no great dramas or hysterics. D

  7. A lot of your plants are growing in my garden too. The seeds must have been blown up the M1.

  8. I too like the soft Monet colors of the garden the most, but find I plant the brighter and deeper colors for summer more often. This is mainly because of the harsh light we get in summer. The lighter colors bloom here in spring when the light is more appealing to them. Fall follows up with more saturated color too.

  9. I enjoyed seeing your photos, and the stage of growth on your plants!