Flooded Fields

This morning the sun is shining, everything is bathed in a golden light, with strong, cold wind.  We decided to pay a visit to the Wistow Country Park where there is a garden centre and bought lots of bags of half price bulbs.  The surrounding area is very low-lying and the fields have suffered flooding as a result.
All the sheep have been moved to higher pasture, but the ducks and gulls have taken full advantage of all the extra water around.

It is almost like living in the Lake District, water, water, everywhere.

Some trees have managed to hang on to their leaves despite the strong winds.  Everywhere looks beautiful in the sunshine.  More rain to come I expect, some roads are flooded, making it rather exciting to travel about.


  1. lovely pictures of a soggy landscape the last picture would make a nice painting,we are having the same weather problems in East Sussex as is much of the country I suspect

  2. These photos are beautiful Elaine..
    The sun is sure showing his face!
    I see on the news, that you have had horrific weather and floods .
    A respite must be so nice, and to be able to walk on those lovely roads.
    happy sunday

  3. It does look beautiful doen't it? even though it causes so much damage. All the fields flooded around here recently and all the water birds moved in, it was like a nature reserve for a while. Birds certainly don't miss a trick.xxxxx

  4. Lovely photos of the watery landscape. More rain forecast for the next couple of days. Makes you wonder what the winter has got in store.

  5. Having just returned from the Lakes I can vouch for your words! I picked up half price garlic and onions too yesterday. Made me very happy! D

  6. There has been so much rain this year they surely cant complain of a water shortage next year if we have a dry spring and summer. The water is standing in all the fields around and about and I even noticed the water level is well up at Newmillerdam nearby.

  7. Amazing how the landscape is transformed by the flood water. I have just been watching some poor people bailing out their living room because their house got flooded. Enjoy your cheap bulbs!

  8. Lovely photos. Although we had a day of heavy rain last Saturday followed by four days of drizzle the soil is, once again, bone dry and watering is needed.

  9. Lovely photos despite the water logging! Suzy x

  10. I love a bargain and think you have a very good attitude about the flood! Can't wait to see your bargain bulbs bloom next Spring!

  11. Beautiful country pictures! I should feel very good walking with my gumboots over there. That's my life.

  12. Ah Glorious! Just as I imagine the English country side to look. In my fantasy there is never any rain at all. How is NaNoWrMo treating you? I attempted once but it gave me a stress rash :-)

    1. Thanks for your comments Corine - nanowrimo was, as you say, stressful in the extreme, but I survived and finished ahead of time.

  13. What a relief to see some sunshine, I bet. Your pictures are beautiful.

  14. Beautiful pics, despite reminding me of some of the awful things that have been happening around the country due to floods - although not in East Sussex as David mentioned above!


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