Saturday, 17 November 2012

Some flowers just don't know when to stop flowering

double feverfew
One of my favourite plants ...  they have been flowering since the Spring ...  non-stop.

Grown from seed ... still masses of buds to open ... will they make it?

The rest of the Rudbeckia plants have died back ... only the seed heads are left ... but this one just doesn't know when to give up.

Lots of flowers ... lots of buds ... lots of seed heads.

Lingering on ...

california poppy
Self seeded ... seems like I will have this plant forever in the garden ...


  1. I came via The Patient Gardener and now remember visiting before and enjoying your blog. Oh for more time to follow and respond to gardening stories. I love the images and all the more for capturing plants still flowering in late autumn.

  2. I still have quite a few flowers in my garden at the moment.My lavender bushes at the front of the house have put out new spikes of flowers, having cut all the others off a couple of months ago to dry. Some of our rudbeckia is still flowering and the hardy geraniums..well bless them they would flower all year!

  3. You are so lucky to have so many palnts still in flower, dead as a dodo here.
    I do like the double fever few, I've never seen that before, I have the smaller ones.

    The california poppy is amongst my favourites.xxxxx

  4. All lovely flowers! I'm amazed at the California poppies which I thought like it sunny and warm. Flighty xx

  5. Lovely, I like the Californian poppy, amazing this one is still flowering. The Hypericum is also still going on, beautiful picture. It's fun to go into the garden now to look if there are any flowers and we appreciate them almost more than in summer when it is one sea of flowers.

  6. It's been really cold today - I can't believe some of the flowers are still clinging on!

  7. Gorgeous shots! Scabiosa becomes a distant memory the day after planting here in the Midwest U.S. I am envious of your lingering guests. I even lost the blooms from my fall-blooming Anemone!

  8. Isn't it strange that, despite the dreadful summer, some plants are continuing to flower? Here, Geum, Pinks and even the Choisya are putting on a brave show.

  9. Some flowers just don't know when to stop flowering......maybe you are talking about all of us here too, especially we women of a certain age.....lingering on.......but still flashing a bit of colour:~)

  10. How fascinating that so many of those still flowering are yellow! And thank you, you have reminded me that I need to add scabious to the seed list.

  11. Arent you fortunate to be able to still enjoy a flower! I will have to wait for the hellebores - even pansies wont make it in my zone!