Wednesday, 26 December 2012

That's It for another year - now breathe - it's Boxing Day!

The Christmas wrapping paper has gone into the recycling bin - the left over cockerel nestles safely with all the other Christmas dinner leftovers in the refridgerator -

 presents of books are waiting to be read,

 a beautiful tapestry waiting to be sown - a beautifully soft cashmere scarf  for keeping out the winter winds - a hanging bird bath

 complete with rusty iron birds is waiting for water - that's it - Christmas is over for another year.

Hyacinth bulbs planted in the hope of them blooming on Christmas Day - almost made it.

Now for Boxing Day - my favourite day of the year.  Dinner of cold meats, freshly baked ham and pickles of every description, lots of fresh salad and pork pie.   Perfect.  A day to relax after all the cooking and anticipation, watching repeats on tv and winding down.

And now a bright, sunny morning - thinking of taking a walk to get rid of all those Christmas calories.


  1. That sounds just perfect elaine.
    we are all winding down here too. Although there are 25 of us..
    so it will be turkey sandwiches and all the rest of the goodies later.
    love your presents.
    We had enough paper to fill two bins.):
    happy boxing day

  2. What a lovely post, and such gorgeous pressies. I love Boxing's always a case of ...phew! now it's time to chill! Have a happy healthy prosperous New Year, to you and yours.xxxxx

  3. You are the second to mention Boxing Day. so what is Boxing Day? Here in the states it is another big shopping day as shoppers return unwanted, wrong sized gifts and shop for bargains as stores mark goods down 60 -70%. Me? I stayed home. The cleaning lady came today to clean. She cleaned upstairs and I cleaned downstairs. The whole house is clean--for a bit. Elaine, I have enjoyed your posts and comments all year. Thank you for your faithful following and sweet comments. I look forward to more in 2013. Happy New Year.

  4. A lot of people seem to prefer Boxing Day.
    It was too wet and windy here to take a walk so I read most of the day. Flighty xx

  5. What lovely pressies you got! I drove to Norfolk and back to my parents on Boxing Day so no walks for me, I was going to suggest going on one in Norfolk but it was pouring! Enjoy the rest of the holiday and have a wonderful new year :-)

  6. We met a nice chap from Prague on Boxing Day who was explaining their culture they for example open presents on Christmas eve, too wet for us to go for a walk

  7. Yes, Boxing Day is a real holiday - no cooking but the kitchen full of goodies, everyone totally relaxed after the previous day of feasting and present giving and receiving. Friends came, we had cold table and played games. Perfect!

  8. Oh, and I forgot to say that I covet the cashmere scarf!

  9. What beautiful presents :) I hope you have snuggled into your books by now and are enjoying time with family. I have a similar bird bath hanging in the back garden, but it's green! Sounds like you had a super Christmas.

  10. You are right about the tv repeats, the only decent new tv was Miranda in my opinion! Such fun! Lovely presents, I'm guessing you dropped hints to Santa as he got your tastes just right!

  11. Sounds like you had a very happy Christmas, and lovely gifts. Best wishes for 2013!