Friday, 22 February 2013

It's Just Not The Right Sort of Blog

I have been lacking inspiration to write about gardening over the last couple of weeks as nothing much is happening in the garden - it is a dead zone at the moment - the bulbs are still only a couple of inches tall and no matter how hard I look everything seems frozen in time.

Now if this was a crafting blog I could tell you about the tapestry that I have been sewing since Christmas
But it's not the right sort of blog - or may be I could tell you about the blanket squares I have been knitting

But it's not the right sort of blog - now if it was a blog about de-cluttering your life - I could tell you that I have been clearing out my wardrobe

But it's not the right sort of blog - or maybe that I have been sorting out my bookshelves and getting rid of books that I no longer want

But it's not the right sort of blog -  I could  perhaps tell you how much I enjoy doing crosswords

but you wouldn't be interested - neither would you be interested in me telling you which books I am reading at the moment

because it's not a blog about books - it is a blog about bloomin' gardening - and there's very little of that going on - if only it was the right sort of blog I would have plenty to say.
Maybe next time!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Winter Flowers - A Small February Offering

Some say that it is the measure of a good gardener is if there is something in bloom in the garden in every season of the year.    By that token I am not a very good gardener.  Winter is my weakspot.  Except for pansies, hellebores and primroses  there is nothing to gather to bring into the house.  Hopeless.  So for what it is worth here is a meagre posy of  February flowers and foliage.  Depending on how I edit the photos and where I place them in the light the posy looks totally different each time.

Cross Process


High definition


When you think that just a few years ago we would take pictures, wait until we had a full reel then take them to be developed - a few days later collect them, pay a fortune and find that half of them were no good.  Now we can take dozens of pictures every day, mess about with them till they look right and put them on our blogs within minutes.  That's progress for you!

'Til the next time