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Spring Break Madness and Friendly Robins

Around this time of year we always take a spring break before the gardening season starts proper.You must think we are mad considering the weather we have been having.We usually leave early on a Sunday morning arriving a couple of hours later, just in time to unpack, go down to the Quay for a look-see, have a pint of delicious Wherry ale then on to our favourite pub for Sunday lunch.NOT THIS YEAR.We were snowed in on the Sunday – there were drifts right across the road, and as we had to go across country to get to the motorway, we daren’t chance getting stuck.

So we delayed our holiday for a day in the hope that weather conditions would be better in the morning.Luckily, they were.We took it steady and the further east we went, the less snow there was.When we reached our destination there was no snow at all.HURRAH!But it was cold, oh so cold.The wind was coming straight from Siberia with nothing to stop it.On the positive side it was sunny and bright and not raining or snowing, we wou…

Tête-à-tête, Frogspawn and Garden Vandals

At last -I finally have a daffodil that has deigned to open – albeit a miniature one – but at least it is progress.Each day seems to include the four seasons at the moment- snow, rain, fog, frost and sunshine - not very promising, considering it is nearly the end of March.

As to the vandals in the garden – Sparrows and Badgers.The sparrows have taken a liking to the Primulas and have been hopping around pulling the heads off – chirping away as if all is well with the world.Good game good game they are calling.This is fun, come on let’s do it some more.Then there are the Badgers who have decided to dig up my tulip bulbs, maybe they are looking for worms, or maybe they just fancy tulip for dessert.Whatever it is it has me tearing my hair out.Who says gardening isn’t stressful.

A Dish to Make

A Cake to Bake
A little booklet came with the Daily Telegraph on Saturday – featuring Paul Hollywood's recipes from his new book 'Bread'.I sawOatmeal Parkin and remembe…

Fruit Cake, Aconites and Traffic Jams

On the good side - sorry, there isn't one.
A Flower to Grow 

A Book To Read

Finally, I potted up my Dahlia tubers this afternoon and some Strawberry plantlets - I like to grow a dozen or so in pots in the greenhouse in the hope of an early crop.

That was my week - how was yours?

The Frugal Flower Garden and other stuff

What's been going on in the Rosebank Garden this week

The crocus began to open - it seems we all  like a little sun to cheer us up.

Over on my other blog A Woman of the Soil I have been talking about being frugal in the veg garden and have received many comments and tips on how other people save money  when growing veg.  I also practice what I preach in the Rosebank flower garden too.

A great way of filling the borders with plants without spending any money is to split the existing plants.

I know you are meant to wait till the plants have finished flowering but I wanted to take advantage of the fine weather at the beginning of the week to split the primulas that had become congested, and from just one clump I split it into four, each having a good root system and transplanted them elsewhere in the garden.  I did this with several plants that needed thinning out, added some bonemeal to the planting hole and watered them in well.


Remembrance of Times Past - Birthday Girl Memories

Another non-gardening post - but I have a good excuse ...

Today I am the Birthday Girl - I won't tell you how old I am - it is a lady's prerogative, only to say that the Beatles once wrote a song about it.

Imagine my surprise when a birthday card plopped through the letter box with a Vietnam postmark

It is from my oldest friend J who is visiting her son who works over there.  I have known J since we were in the same class at school together.
It seems like we have known each other for ever.

After we left school we went to different secretarial colleges but after the two years were up found ourselves in our first jobs working in the same typing pool
We went on holidays in the UK together with our work friends
and holidays abroad
We drank a lot, smoked a lot, got drunk and had lots of laughs.  That is what I remember most - having fun and laughing - all the time.

We loved to dance and party; dancing was our main weekend occupation - hours spent with rollers in our hair and  putt…