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A Garden Visit . What's New in Bloom and The Tale of a Crafty Crow

Last Saturday afternoon my friend and I paid a visit to another NGS open garden at Orchard House, Husbands Bosworth.  The house had originally been two cottages so the garden was a bit higgledy-piggledy - you couldn't see everything at once and there were surprises around every corner.  Old outbuildings and a hexagonal summer house  added to the gardens' charm.  The lady of the house had  made little vignettes of garden furniture and garden implements which were delightful.

The whole garden was immaculate, not a weed in sight and every little bit of it filled with with well-cared-for plants.  I came away with far more ideas and inspiration than I did from the recent visit to the Gardeners World Live Show - this is a real garden showing just what plants grow and flower together at the right time.  After tea and cake we thanked our hosts for a delightful tour of the garden - if only my photos could have done it justice.

Back in my garden the geraniums are coming to the fore

Guess where I went on Wednesday - The Gardeners World Flower Show

On Wednesday my friend and I took the train from Rugby and visited Gardeners World Live in Birmingham.   This was my first visit to the show and my first train trip in I don't know how many years.  I was more excited about catching the train than I was about the show to be honest.  You're not going to believe this but my last train journey was on a steam train to go to my grandma's funeral.  How long is it since steams trains were functioning as part of British Rail?  Anyway I missed the hissing of the engine, the guard blowing his whistle and the clickety-clack, clickety-clack as the train chugged along.  The train we caught was so fast and so silent it was as though we weren't moving at all.  The only seats we could get faced the wrong way and looking out of the window made me feel a little queasy to start with.  The NEC provided a shuttle bus at the station - so the whole journey only took fifteen minutes from Rugby station to Birmingham NEC - fantastic.

Rain was f…

Friday Flowers . What's New in Bloom and a Garden Visit

Well, summer has finally arrived - we certainly waited long enough for it.  The downside is that I have an awful lot of container planting and now begins the arduous task of watering every evening.  As the main flowers in the garden at the moment are Aquilegia and Sweet Rocket my flower posy  consists mainly of these.

The borders are full of Sweet Rocket which self-seeds all over the place - I was quite ruthless with it last year and was worried that not much would re-appear, but it hasn't let me down and really adds to the cottage garden feel, along with the self-sown Aquilegias.
My raised veg beds are all edged with Chives - all the flowers have now fully opened

and I think they look a treat - don't you agree.
The cows in the back field decided to take their afternoon siesta all in a line rather than scattered - safety in numbers I supposes.

On Wednesday myself and a friend went on a garden visit to Stoke Albany Hall opened for the NGS (National Garden Scheme).  The garden…