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bees and butterflies . what's in flower at the end of july . scarey storms

Oh boy  - have we had weather.  Not just any old weather.  But extremes of weather.  Pavements hot enough to fry an egg on one minute -   rumblings of thunder the next minute -  flashes of lightning and heavy, heavy rain.   And not all of it outdoors.  Yes folks - the house got flooded - oh joy!  Just what we needed.  Every bath towel  we possess was put to use mopping up.  We couldn't figure out where the water was coming from.  Somehow the rain got into the bathroom - ran down the pipes and into the kitchen below.  Major clear up today, carpets lifted to dry - rugs outside in the sun - towels hanging on the line, my shelf full of cookery books with soaking pages - oh my, what a job.  Everything back to normal now - thank goodness.

Now for something a bit more pleasant.  At last there is a bit more colour in the garden after the last couple of weeks of nothing to see. 
And after bemoaning the fact that I haven't seen many bees and butterflies in the garden - they hav…

how fragrant is your garden?

During the summer I always cycle up to my plot early in the morning - nothing too professional about this - I'm no Victoria Pendleton - just a T-shirt and shorts and a pair of plimsolls - oh and a bucket to bring back any produce.  This morning as I pedalled through the village the church clock struck seven and I was stopped in my tracks by the fragrance eminating from the churchyard.  The blossom on the Linden trees was so beautiful it was almost overwhelming.  As I carried on my nose was in overdrive, sniffing and breathing in the fragrance of the gardens as I passed.

Back in my own garden I wandered round photographing my own fragrant flowers.  Each season of the year has a few plants that I wouldn't be without.  In summer there is Lavender.

Sweet William and Lilies are other favourites.  If someone gives me a bunch of flowers, the first thing I do is put my nose into them hoping for a lovely fragrance - sadly that isn't always the case.  But give me a bunch of sweet-s…

Why Do I Hate My July Garden . Gardening the Wrong Way Round and a Garden Visit

First of all, can I just ask if anyone else is experiencing problems with Blogger at the moment.  I have already drafted this post twice - it won't let me scroll up and down for a start.  Then when I inserted photos it wouldn't let me continue writing after - it has been a nightmare.  So I'll give it another try now and see what happens.
Although there is colour here and there in the garden, mainly from the containers - I hate the garden in July, always have.  The bright, fresh greens have gone and the plants and flopping and sprawling in the heat.  The early excitement of wondering what is going to flower next is over as I struggle to keep the garden looking half-decent.
But, on the bright side, the veg garden is overflowing with riotous colour wherever you look - mainly due to the fact that I sowed lots of wild flowers and annuals to attract all those creepy-crawly-buzzy creatures. 

Friday Flowers . Holiday Reminiscing and a Surprise Meeting with a Naturist!

Well, I am well and truly back from my holiday - I have been occupied with the mountains of laundry that we seem to get through whilst away and then on our return had to tackle the jungle that had become our garden.  I couldn't believe how everything had grown in our absence weeds and all.

The sweet peas in the cutting garden had started to bloom whilst we were away and are now in full swing - I have been picking them every day, beautiful long stems at the moment and the claret colour seems to dominate - every time I pass them in the house I get a whiff of their lovely fragrance - it is just a shame that they don't last longer in the vase.

There must have been some strong winds whilst we were away as a lot of the delphiniums are flattened and the lawn was full of leaves - I have been working hard to get everything back to rights but there is still a way to go yet.

The weather during our holiday was a bit changeable but we managed to get a couple of really lovely days where I …