Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rambling on . . . Love at first sight . . .

I happened to go past the best shoe shop in town.

I happened to notice they had a SALE on.

I happened to spot a pair of suede fuschia-coloured 'flats'.

I happened to fall in love.

They happened to fit beautifully.

Cinderella - you shall go to the ball.

They are called LATOYA.

LATOYA and I are going to be very happy together.


  1. Isn't that a gorgeous color? I see the college girls with their beautiful
    Fuchsia colored hair and I would to like to dye my hair. Love the shoes. You will be surprised to see just how many different colors they will actually go with. Enjoy.

  2. Oh wow....you go girrrrrrrrrrrl!xxxx

  3. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm - right up my street. The shoes not the shop!
    Patricia x

  4. You'll certainly be able to step out in style with those beauties. What a happy discovery, and I bet your face lights up each time you spy them waiting to be slipped into to take you out :)

  5. These shoes look beautiful and I think they also will be pretty comfortable. The colour should be my choice too and also the soft suede.
    Wish you a lot of walking pleasure!

  6. Far be it from me to comment on fuchsia pink shoes (a subject I know precious little about). It's just the name I dislike. Still, if YOU like the shoes, then they're good!

    1. I agree Mark - I think it sounds like the name of a car - the Ford Latoya. Although Michael Jacksons' sister might not agree.

  7. Somehow, I'm not surprised you'd fallen in love with these flats ;-)

  8. I just bought a pair of leopard flats! WOuldnt we be something walking through town!

  9. What a great fashion statement you will make with those shoes on! I love them Elaine.

  10. Those are such a lovely colour and they look so comfortable too.
    sarah x

  11. Wonderful! An excuse for more shopping for clothes to match, perhaps?

  12. Brilliant. I understand the attraction.