Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rambling on . . . Busy doing nothing . . .

The wanderer returns.

What have I been doing for the past week – absolutely nothing – well almost.

Leisurely breakfasts. Afternoon siestas. Lots of reading.  Lots of sleep – much needed sleep.  We ambled and strolled through the days – ate some fine meals and drank good ale and enjoyed the late summer sunshine.  Nearly every day was sunny and bright with just an autumnal breeze.  No coats were worn, no waterproofs needed – perfect.

 SDC18781  Favourite meal of the week - Sea Bass with samphire, chorizo, caramelised onions and lobster sauce.

SDC18782  Children in swimwear going for a paddle in the creek (who’d have thought it was the end of September)


Gulls congregating in the evening sun


The estuary water flat as a millpond


Starlings roosting in the rigging


Cloudless skies


Geese starting to gather for the winter


Ancient trees on the saltmarsh


Beautiful flint barns


The shell museum at Glandford (no photographs allowed inside) sorry the photo is a bit skewiff


The shoreline at Titchwell


Magnificent sunsets


Passing a little art shop the urge to start painting again came over me – paper, paints and new brush bought – just waiting for inspiration and the dark winter evenings.

Fully rested and restored – ready to face whatever the winter may throw at me – three loads of holiday washing already done, another two to go – then there’s the garden to sort out whilst we still have the light and I still have the energy and before my annual hibernation mode sets in.

p.s. I’ve missed you.


  1. What fabulous weather, skies, birds, food.. and and and.
    Glad you are rested and had a great time.
    P.S. missed you too!

  2. We missed you too! Some lovely photos to inspire your painting - it sounds as if you have had a perfect, restful holiday.

  3. Beautiful photos. Kids still playing in water?? Here we walk around in winter clothes. We had few warm days(20°C) but now we are back to freezing.

  4. Good times, Elaine. Sounds like you had a real vacation -- complete with coming back feeling rested and refreshed. I had to look up samphire and wonder what it tastes like!

  5. What a lovely post and delicious meal !

  6. So good to see the lovely blue skies and water on your holiday photos, I can understand you have got inspiration to start painting again and the best thing of it is you have new energy after this restful holiday.

  7. I love the cloud photo. Glad you are rested and restored.

  8. You sound well rested and happy! I'd say you should finish the laundry and then go straight into hibernation mode with a feeling of order restored.

  9. Ooh that sounds absolutely wonderful, just relaxing and reading and taking in all that your holiday had on offer. Lovely blue skies and pretty scenery, just perfect.
    Patricia x

  10. It looks, and sounds, like you really enjoyed yourself. I look forward to seeing what you paint. We missed you too. Flighty xx

  11. Oh what a wonderful early autumn break ... sounds like you had the best time :)

  12. What lovely photos - I'm feeling very relaxed after looking at them :) Hope to see your creative efforts with those pretty paints :)

  13. Looks like you found the perfect place to unwind and prepare for winter. Great photos.

  14. We missed you too, but it sounds as though you had a perfect time. Lovely, atmospheric photos of the creeks and big skies and quiet beaches in the late summer/early autumn light. Glad you feel rested and ready to face winter.

  15. wow I want to be there for winter too!. I hope you will show us what you paint. Very exciting!

  16. Your pictures look fantastic , how lucky you were to find the last of the summer sunshine. I'm glad you had such a good time.
    Sarah x

  17. Lovely to have you back!

    What a wonderful post, I was so chilled reading it and was enjoying the pics ....and then I came to the ancient trees on the saltmarsh.....WOW! What an amazing pic, it looks like it belongs in The Lord of the Rings, along with that sunset.

    I glad you had a good time, I'll look forward to seeing your paintings over the winter.xxxx

  18. Lovely photos, what a great break to have, and the perfect time of year too, you'll be ready for all the autumn chores!!

  19. Lovely scenes, particularly that sunset. Hope you are well rested; we're back from a week away and I think I have slight post-holiday-blues and a sense of frenzy!