Thursday, 21 November 2013

rambling on about … my novel writing journey … day twenty one



Words written today – 2,144

Total words written – 46,360

Words remaining – 3,640

Days remaining – 10


Good writing inspiration :)

I have a couple more days to do before I finish.  Now I have to decide how I am going to end the novel.  I have one or two endings in mind – do I go for a happy ending or a tragic one or an open one.  I don’t just want it to fizzle out into nothing.  In the creative writing book that I keep referring to for inspiration it says:-

The ending of a story has a great deal of work to do.  It must answer the main question posed by the beginning, satisfy the reader’s curiosity about the characters and their dilemmas, and create some emotional response.  Finally, the ending must provide a sense of completion, that the wheel has come full circle.

My main character started out on her own, goes on a journey to find her true self, breaks a few hearts along the way and ………….should she decide it’s not too bad being on her own after all, or go all out to find someone to share her life with …………or realise that she already has what she has been looking  for all this time without realising it.  The choice is yours, what do you think – which ending would you choose?


  1. She could find someone to share her life with - only for there to be a sense of ominous foreboding, so that we (not her) get the feeling that sharing her life with this person might not be the bed of roses she thinks it will be.

    1. That is the ending I was leaning towards initially perhaps showing the seedier side that her man hasn't shown her yet. Hmm a possibility!

  2. Go away from blogging for a few weeks and come back only to find that in the meantime you've written a novel! I am so impressed and excited for you! So many people think about it, but never get it done.
    Endings. Hmm... I personally hate open endings, especially if I like the character. I want to know where the end up- be it happy or sad.
    On the other hand, I don't think she has to find the man of her dreams for the ending to be satisfying. I think knowing she has found the thing she has been looking for might be enough. You could always have her come to this realization while in the midst of meeting the perfect man for the first time- the implication being her epiphany has opened more than one door.
    Good luck Elaine! I am sure you'll come up with something brilliant.

    1. I would hardly call it a novel yet Jennifer - just a very rough draft - it will take months to knock it into shape - great suggestions - thanks.

  3. I don' t like unresolved endings even in drama - I feel that I have invested time in something and have been cheated with this sort of ending. I quite like the idea of looking for something and finding it has always been right under your nose - you just have overlooked it.

  4. Well done for getting this far, Elaine. I must admit I don't like neat endings - I like ends to be sort of tied up and questions answered but still be left to wonder what will happen next to the character ... life going on, I guess. I rather like the idea of your character coming to a state of contentment through knowing herself, without being dependant on other people. (A bit like me!!) Will have to check back and see what you've decided! I'm sure it will be good whatever the outcome!

  5. How very exciting, almost there eh....
    I tend to like a happy ending, I hate it when the main character is killed off....although I do like a dramatic happy ending too with lots of emotion......
    Maybe your character could discover something astonishing about herself....have a bit of a revelation....I look forward to hearing what you