rambling on about . . . this week in pictures . . .

I haven’t had much time to visit any blogs this week – for which I apologize – I have taken a few photos though which I thought I would share with you.

SDC18995 The Rosebank Garden


Fallen leaves


Pastoral scene


Main Street paved in gold


Fungi (or is it fungus)


Using up the last of the courgettes and tomatoes




Finished product – Ratatouille

Hope you have a good weekend – I shall be busy writing.


  1. Mmmm, you have a nice stock of ratatouille. Love the pastoral scene and your greenhouse.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Lovely pictures the autumn colours look fantastic.
    Sarah x

  3. Lovely pictures Elaine, such beautiful colours. I know what you mean about not visiting blogs sometimes, and I always feel guilty and spend hours trying to catch up! Perhaps I should be bit more laid back.
    Patricia x

  4. Good luck with the writing Elaine, you did it last year remember...

  5. Blogging should be relaxing right . I think for the most part we all understand people get busy, or or just need to relax with other things sometimes . I enjoyed your photos ,of course I am partial to pasture scenes. I know sometimes it does seem to get impossible to everyone in blog land, even when I really would like to .

  6. Your photos are really pretty. Especially like the horse. You have very pretty fall color.

  7. I really enjoy my 'Rat' making, and it ends-up looking just the same as yours!

  8. Lots of warm autumn colours. I like the Main Street picture.
    Happy writing. Flighty xx

  9. Lovely photos Elaine... my favourite is the horse one. That's a great view of your garden :o)

  10. That autumnal light is lovely.

  11. I always love your pictures - you portray such gentle domesticity and serene village life.

  12. Lovely photos of autumn where you are. Hope the writing is going well!

  13. Lovely jars of ratatouille and lovely autumn scenes in your garden and village. Good luck with the writing:)

  14. I love the cycle of life. Plant, cultivate, harvest, store, eat, start all over again. And your world is absolutely lovely....how I long to go to a pasture to just touch the nose of a horse, to hear the bleeting sheep. And I love your comment that you left me regarding your reaction to seeing one of your favorite artist's works.....tears.

    Have a super Sunday, and many thanks for your visit and beautiful comment! Anita


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