Wednesday, 11 December 2013

looking for colour in unexpected places …


The sun came out ~ but it wasn’t warm ~ I had a little potter in the garden, wore thick socks,  but my feet were like blocks of ice.  When I was young I remember my Mum rubbing my feet to warm them up  after walking in the snow ~ it would have been lovely if she were able to do that for me today.

  So although there are no flowers in the garden, I looked  elsewhere to find a bit of colour.

In the veg garden there are still a few pickings to be had ~ a container of carrots, three different types of kale, chard, a few leeks, purple sprouting broc (not producing yet) lettuce in the greenhouse and stored onions, beetroot and parsnips ~ if the weather does get wintery at least there will be some fresh veg to be had.










So you see winter doesn’t have to be colourless – you just have to look a bit harder.


  1. Very colourful for this time of year - and some edible plants as well. The scarlet kale is lovely in the sun. Your toasted English muffin slathered in jam is making my mouth water :) Love the cow in the foggy field ~ and roses on the windowsill ~ how pretty! The only thing that has colour after this freezing weather is a yellow winter jasmine at my front door. The rest seem to have perished quickly!

  2. Your Cavolo Nero plants look EXACTLY like mine; all scruffy at the bottom, with a few usable leaves on top. Haven't looked too closely at the Sprouts yet; I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Christmas.

  3. I think any colour is special at this time of year. I like the sound of all your veg. I've only got parnsips here now because my leeks haven't been any good this winter and I've finished all the carrots.
    The toasted muffins with homemade strawberry compote sound a perfect treat for a cold, dark winter afternoon - delicious!

  4. I noticed how brightly coloured our strawberry plants were when we were at the plot this week, Something I haven't noticed before.

  5. Plenty of colour still to be seen, even if it's not flowers. Flighty xx

  6. Lots of color here - I guess color isn't for spring and summer only :)

  7. Oh I do love the colour in the kale and the strawberry leaves....wonderful, but I think I love the look of those muffins more. Just what the doc ordered for a wintry day is what I say. Yum!!! xxx

  8. I like the photo of the cow grazing in her field. You have some great colours in your vegetable garden. I love toasted muffins and the home-made strawberry compote sounds very tasty:)

  9. How lovely to find such colour in your vegetable garden. The cows in the fields almost look like a painting.
    Sarah x

  10. Your so right, in winter the veg is often the only source of garden colour. And red chard is a Christmas decoration all by itself!

  11. I rather like the way that you have to search harder for colour in the garden at this time of year, and your productive vege patch is certainly providing it.