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from the inside looking out ...

The rain is lashing against the windows, the wind is howling and creeping in through the cracks and crevices and I am sitting here with a blanket wrapped around my legs - chilled to the bone, even though the heating in on.  I am trying to think positive thoughts

It is a case of keeping yourself occupied in weather like this.  So I have been busy editing my 2012 draft novel

and teaching myself to crochet

and staring out of the windows
For weeks now I have been struggling with my computer.  Slow, slow, slow.  Coughing and wheezing and sounding like a steam engine.  Poor old thing - it is practically a pensioner - it hasn't done bad, I got it second hand and it must be at least thirteen years old - but now it is driving me potty - waiting for it to load, the screen freezing - at times I have felt like ending it all whilst waiting for it to connect to other blogs.  Then the keyboard refused to work and I had to replace it but it didn't help disguise the fact that the computer was on its last legs.

So after checking the bank account decisions were made and a new computer was on the books.  I contacted my friendly computer man and he set about sorting one out for me.   JOY.  He spent the afternoon setting it up and transferring all my stuff.  And guess what - everything works - I can't believe how fast it is - all those hours I spent sitting in front of the screen waiting, waiting, waiting - are gone.  I am finally able to post on Blogger which I haven't been able to do for months (I have been using Live Writer) I am also able to visit Facebook without it freezing and saying 'Not Responding'. 

It doesn't take much to make me happy - but this certainly does.  Now all I have to do is investigate all the wondrous things it can do that my old one couldn't - why did I wait so long?

In the midst of winter I found there was,
within me,
an invincible summer.
~Albert Camus

Hellebores - captured in a rare moment of sunshine
Catkins - one of the joys of the
hedgerow at this time of year 


  1. Keep as warm and dry as you can. Spring will be there soon.

  2. The weather has been truly atrocious today. Glad you came through it OK. And enjoy that new computer!

  3. YEAH!!! How fab your computer is now a source of joy! I loved the pics from your window, same here, only things are flying past the bloomin' window and making horrible crashing noises, and it kind of sounds like a war zone outside....the lights keep going out, but I am wrapped up, and feeling rather comfy.....I loved both of those quotes, and your crochet, send it here when you've finished!!! have daffadowndilly's blooming....marvelous!xxx

  4. How exciting to have a new computer. Storms aside I wish I were in England to see the daffodils and catkins. The primroses at the top of the page look so fresh. I picked many bunches of them as a child in Suffolk. The ditches and wood on our farm were packed with them.

  5. I think your garden looks beautiful, even in your awful weather.

    HAPPINESS is a new computer! Mine arrives in July.

  6. At firs I thought those daffiodils were growing outside.

  7. The daffodils are lovely and cheerful, even though your rainy scenes are a bit too familiar! I've not got any daffodils out yet, but I've seen some in the village already. I'm glad your new computer is working well. I generally don't like replacing things so quickly, but I've had to get used to it with computers.

  8. Here it's the snow not the rain that has got me down. We do share the cold though. I have a wide scarf draped over my shoulders and a heater at my feet. Glad you got your computer problems sorted. It must have been very frustrating with the antique one.

  9. Nice post and good pictures.
    I've just replaced my clunky old PC, and everything else, which like you I should have done ages ago. Flighty xx

  10. Hi Elaine, so sorry to read that the weather is still so bad in Great Britain! But your approach to try to stay positive certainly is a good one! Congratulation to your new computer, I am sure you will enjoy it and it makes "blog life" so much easier. I love your two pitchers with the daffodils, especially the blue one! Wishing you that the sun comes out! Warm regards,

  11. Our moisture from the sky is in the form of snow, so I haven't seen soil for quite awhile. I have a terrier who is missing it so much she's digging in the planters holding a couple of indoor plants. Have fun with your new computer and thanks for the great photos!

  12. There's nothing worse than a computer that's on the blink. I can't believe you wrote a book with it either! Bet you're having fun with your new one though. This weather is getting tiresome now isn't it. Thankfully we haven't endured any flooding where we are but my heart goes out to those who have. Looking forward to seeing my daffodils finally come to flower.
    Patricia x

  13. Life without the computer!!?? Shudder!
    I'm sure I saw daff's in your did that happen?
    Stay warm & dry Elaine x

  14. Lool it's like reading about my last few days. Rain, rain and rain and they some thunderstorms and bye bye router, also computer went wild and keyboard decided to stop working. With all the typing no wonder they are tired and old. :D

  15. Hi Elaine, pretty crochet, and I love your jugs of cheerfulness, much needed at the moment I fear. I find myself frequently swathed in a throw of an evening, chilled for no aparent reason, so I relate. And to your computer woes too, though not as dramatic! So glad you have a new one that doesn't keep you waiting, I am enjoying using a tablet that doesn't pause, endlessly, every time I want to do anyhting, makes such a big difference over the course of a day. Stay warm and cheerful and enjoy your new speedy computing experience!

  16. We have been hearing about the rain you have endured. The spring flows will be glorious. Congratulations on the new computer. I enjoyed your description of the death of the old one. Yes, why do we take so long to make such decisions. Food things will come from the new one.

  17. Yay for your new computer! When I replaced my last one, which was only a few years old, I was amazed by the much speedy processor, so if you've jumped from a geriatric model to the latest thing I can just imagine your delight.

    Here's hoping you've warmed up now x

  18. Daffodils already. I am so jealous Elaine. LOL! Enjoy them.
    After you get onto these new computers they are nice. I hate change is always my problem but then I am forced to change whether I want to or not.LOL! Yours gave you a lot of good years girl. Mine never last that long.
    I have been hearing of the flooding going on over thereHappy Valentines and have a lovely weekend.

  19. Oh a new computer is always exciting Elaine - no doubt you are now traveling through cyberspace at the speed of a cheetah rather than at snail's pace so the experience must be great fun. Jugs of daffodils should be available on prescription at this time of year but at least the forecast seems less grim for next week.

  20. I'm thrilled just to have a better functioning mouse -- I can't imagine how much you're enjoying the speed and ease of a new computer! Well done.

    Love that shot of your tall daffs glad they are on the inside of that window. You've really illustrated the relentlessness of that rain.

  21. Good for you getting a new computer.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  22. It's extraordinary how liberating a good computer can be. I've not seen any catkins yet. I've looked. I'll have to look some more.


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