Friday, 10 October 2014

Trying Not to be Boring … Indecision is a terrible thing …

Everything will be okay in the end – If it’s not okay – It’s not the end.

I couldn’t decide what the topic of my blog post would be today – I ruminated over it all week – and thought,  maybe I should post about …

Bring in the Surgeons …

We have three large trees in the garden that need annual attention – last year husband and I tackled them by pruning as much as we could and shifting all the debris to the tip.  But this year the trees have excelled themselves and the job was just too big for us to handle.  So I called the tree surgeons in for an estimate – but no, too boring ~ perhaps I’ll leave that for another day …


or maybe a post about …

The Day That The Rains Came Down …

The wind was stronger – clouds racing fast across the sky – then it happened – the heavens opened.  The thirsty garden soaked it up gratefully – but I felt sad that the weeks and weeks of warm, dry weather, were over.  It seemed strange to pull out my waterproof jacket and dig into the depths of my handbag for my umbrella – it also seemed weird to be fully dressed.  I don’t adapt well to an indoor life and as the weather turns I have to motivate myself each day to make the most of my time – I guess I’m just an outdoors kind of girl – no, that’s boring too …


Okay, so what about …

The Great Autumn Wardrobe Changeover …

I spent time changing my wardrobe over from summer to winter.  Putting away the short-sleeved T-shirts, shorts, skirts and sandals and bringing out out the long-sleeved, sweaters and sturdier boots and shoes.  All of which resulted in two bags of clothes and shoes to be taken to the charity shops.  I am not quite sure how I accumulate all this stuff as I don’t buy very much – they just seem to multiply when I’m not looking.  Very strange … no, everyone else is doing that one …


Maybe a post about …

Re-charging my batteries …

Saturday morning was a wash-out  so I took some down-time to re-charge my batteries.  Reading, watching a film, more reading, a bit of cooking and generally relaxing – did I feel guilty – not a bit.  No, not that one either – a bit of a flimsy premise


I thought about sharing the results of a personality test – but that is a bit self-indulgent, so no, that one went in the rubbish bin too ..

Personality Test …

I do like a good personality quiz – if I see one I just have to take it – to see if I am what I think I am. This one at 16 Personalities – is very comprehensive and pretty darn accurate too.  Apparently I am an empathic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas  known for my poetic nature, intuitive skills and pure, childlike enthusiasm.  Having a talent for self-expression, revealing my secrets through fictional characters.So far so good.

Strengths  - Idealistic, Seek and value harmony, Open minded and flexible, Very creative, Passionate and energetic, Dedicated and hardworking.

Weakness - Too idealistic, Too altruistic, Impractical, Dislike dealing with data, Take things too personally, Difficult to get to know.

So how does that fit in with who I perceive myself to be – most of it is spot on – not sure if I like what I read though.

By this time I am running out of ideas …


A Sure Sign of Autumn …

Is when we oil the patio furniture and store it in the shed keeping it safe and dry till the summer returns.  Goodbye languid days sitting beneath the umbrella reading, watching the comings and going of birds, bees and butterflies, drinking tea and eating cake – definitely not this one - what was I thinking ! …

In the end I  made the decision on a greenhouse post, surely everyone loves a post about the greenhouse -  telling you about …

Bringing the Outside In …

When the weather outside is less than perfect – cold, wet and blustery – I retreat to the greenhouse to get my gardening fix.  Tender plants have been brought in ready for cuttings to be taken – an insurance against a hard winter – a job that I always enjoy doing.


And my thoughts turn to indoor gardening – planting bulbs in pots for the house.  When the Cyclamen season is upon us I buy loads of cheap plants and put them in old white serving dishes where they provide colour, scent and charm for a few weeks before going out into the greenhouse then being planted outdoors in a reasonably shady place – even if they don’t survive I haven’t lost much as they are so cheap at 50pence a plant – that can’t be bad.




But it doesn’t stop there – oh no!  I also plant bulbs of Snowdrops, Muscari, Tazzetta Narcissus (multi-flowered), Crocus, Chionodoxa, Iris, Hyacinth – in any decorative container I can lay my hands on.  Most need to be kept in the cold and dark for about 10-15 weeks to simulate winter – I do try to do this to get some flowering by Christmas – a ploy which isn’t always successful, but worth trying.  Some years I just can’t get my act together in time – and always regret it.


So even though the weather is atrocious and no real gardening can be done – at least I can ensconce myself in the greenhouse and do a little pottering – in the hope of cheering up those drab winter months – bringing the outside in.

Hope you didn’t find all this too boring!

See you next week – same time, same place.


  1. Elaine, your pretty are spot on with I could blog about this, boring. I have drawn a blank. Digging for ideas. Nor do I have a greenhouse where can I retreat to. Our personalities do somewhat match. We could spend hours discussing daffodils and English poets over a nice cup of tea with rain pouring down. I'd enjoy it. Have a great day. (though at the time of this comment, your day is nearly over.)

  2. Great post, Elaine. It put a smile on my face.
    That is one impressive willow, by the way xxx

  3. Must rationalise my wardrobe too.

    I tried the test bit it didn't seem like me in many ways the opposite.
    One but said I was a risk taker - I hate taking risks with anything important. I may try a new packet if seeds but that;s about the limit.

  4. Dear Elaine - you actually put into words what I often struggle over - something not too boring to post. Just for your information though I am never... ever bored when I come visit. I love it all - the writing...the photos...hearing what you have been busy doing...don't change a thing!! I will be certainly back next week to see what you are doing to "stay out of trouble." Hugs (P.S. - I am going over and check out that personality test - will let you know if I learn something new about myself - lol)!

  5. I think that there must be about a dozen posts here, but you did say that your strengths are dedicated, very creative and hardworking.
    Don't you just hate it when the rains comes, when I peer out of a window like the one you have shown, it feels as if all the long balmy sunny days have suddenly disappeared into oblivion.

  6. I dragged out my long trousers yesterday; a sad day. The pool is now closed, the geraniums will soon come indoors, trees are being pruned, leaves being raked, and our one Cyclamen is back in flower. Ahead is a possible Cepe harvest, paté and bacon making, and Chr***mas. Another year almost gone, and another not far off.

  7. Stop! Stop! My head's spinning with all the information.....

    Your posts are never boring Elaine and the cyclamens are beautiful.

    Ms Soup

  8. Dear Elaine,
    For me it sounds as though you have lots to do. You are so lucky to have a green house. At least you can do garden work and tend your plants during the heavy winter.
    Your cyclamen plants are just so beautiful.
    This is a lovely post Elaine and anything but boring.
    hope you get your trees sorted.
    I think we all go through blank stages. I know I do.
    Would love to read a chapter of one of your writings.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    val xx

  9. A most enjoyable post and lovely photos.
    Your willow is impressive but looks to be getting rather big for the garden so no wonder that you need to have it trimmed.
    I didn't find this post in the least bit boring, just the opposite in fact.
    Flighty xx

  10. Not boring at all, Elaine in fact quite inspiring especially the taking plants in and making cuttings, planting seeds and etc. I love the cyclamen - so pretty:)

  11. Hi Elaine, I thought all your would-be topics were interesting. I like your flowering bulbs - I tried a Narcissus last winter and I LOVED seeing it bloom. I had it in water in a special bulb vase so the roots showed - they were beautiful, too. I must try it again this winter.

  12. None of it was boring at all!! Those personality tests make me laugh, you always come out as x and then too x, how can you be just right and too much or not enough of the same thing at the same time! Love your bulbs and cyclamen! xx

  13. As IF you could ever be boring!!!
    I loved all the ideas for posts here and just loved all the pics, especially the beautiful rose.
    Yes, it's wonderful to have a greenhouse to retreat to isn't it, I wouldn't be without mine! How wonderful your garden shall look next spring with all those bulbs, I hope you do manage to force some for Christmas.
    I took the personality test, apparently I am an ENFP, I have to say it seemed rather accurite, especially re my faults!xxx

  14. Wel you succeeded in whetting my appetite. I hope you will revisit some of those post ideas. Not boring at all.

  15. Oh I feel the same Elaine. I've been unwell for a week & despite feeling so rubbish I'd rather have been outside than indoors.
    Now it's just raining all the time but I've never been more grateful for the ol' greenhouse.
    It'll be spring AGAIN before we know it....hang in there! x

  16. I enjoyed your post it depicts real life, when there is lots going on and don't know what to concentrate on next! I hate being inside so much more at this time of year. Sarah x