Saturday, 27 December 2014

Looking Back – 2014 Reflections … The Garden

Well, that’s it … Christmas over for another year.  Hope you had a good one. Presents were opened after breakfast,  Christmas dinner was delicious,   the evening was spent with friends playing games; Boxing Day spent recovering,  eating cold meat and salads – a welcome relief after all the rich food the previous day and today was spent at the cinema – the new Hobbit movie which was thoroughly entertaining.  So I thought I would squeeze in a blog post before we go away getting back in time for a New Years Eve party.





When the festive season is over I like to take time for quiet reflection of the year that has passed.

Taking lots of photos of the garden through the year is a favourite pastime – to see how it changes with every season – these are a few long shots I have taken this year.


early and late spring


early summer






late summer


autumn and winter

When you see the garden every day you forget just how much it changes don’t you.  How it gradually goes from leaves starting to unfurl and bulbs pushing through – to the full colour of summer – then the slow decline into autumn and the starkness of winter.  Each season a joy in its own different way.  I am looking forward to the new gardening year beginning – spring isn’t that far away now – just hope my spring bulbs live up to expectations.  And so the circle of the year goes on.


  the hunt out on Boxing Day in the back fields


an unwanted visitor – the Heron  eyeing up the goldfish – we have puts the nets over the pond

as a preventative measure -just in case he gets hungry


  1. I love looking back over the same area throughout the year and seeing the changes. Sometimes its hard to believe how much a place can change so much! Have a wonderful 2015 xx

  2. Everything is still so green there.
    The photos were most enjoyable and I'm glad to read you had a lovely holiday.
    We have hunts here too... guys dressed in dark outfits out in boats hunting ducks and geese on frigid waters. Certainly not as impressive as your fox hunt. But it does bring food to the table.
    Have a Happy New Year and I look forward to your future posts.
    Susan x

  3. Lovely to see all the colour in your summer photos. Already I have a camellia out.. Looking forward to the next gardening season too.
    With best wishes for a very Happy New Year Elaine x

  4. Awesome shot of that Heron friend! And I just loved seeing those changing long shots of your garden! It is amazing how it changes and glows in every season! It made me get so excited about spring! I'm glad to hear you had a great Christmas...isn't it crazy how fast it went?!?! Like a whirlwind in these parts for sure!!! Wishing you nothing but good things in the new year Elaine!!! Nicole xoxo

  5. I so enjoyed this post, my new friend. Your garden is extraordinary...I think early summer looks best but then again, I may be looking forward to that time now! Ha!

    Merry belated Christmas!

    Jane x

  6. Is that someone's empty garden to the left, or just a field? We used to put a biggish glazed terracotta drainpipe in the fish pond. As soon as an Heron appeared they's all dash for cover, and were safe.

  7. Reading the comment above, I do the same thing. Terracotta drainpipe works a treat.....although I confess I wish our Heron would take a visit as I have far too many fish and for the sake of their health they do need thinning out.

    Your garden in all seasons is beautiful.....such a pretty intimate space. I love it...............

    Christmas lunch looks delicious Elaine, so pleased you enjoyed the festivities :)

  8. A most enjoyable post, and lovely photos. Enjoy your few days away. Flighty xx

  9. Glad to read that you enjoyed Christmas Day Elaine. What an excellent visual record of your garden as it journeyed through 2014. I hope that 2015 treats you and your garden kindly xxx

  10. Wonderful views over your garden the year round and as a bonus the beautiful scenery in the back fields with horses out for a hunt, I love this country life so much. When I see your pictures I get already excited to go out into the garden, but we still have to wait........

  11. Lovely garden shots, We have had heron problems in the past so now have black strings stretched across the pond

  12. It sounds like you've had a perfect Christmas, good you got to see the hobbit, I'm hoping to see it soon.
    How true about not noticing how the garden changes day by day, it's good to look at pics like this showing how dramatic the changes actually are, you do have a lovely garden.....great to have a heron, but yes, poor fish eh!!
    Here's hoping the hunt aren't after real foxes!
    All the very best to you and yours for the New
    Have a wonderful New Year

  13. A heron may not be a welcome visitor - but what an impressive one all the same!

    Hoping you will have a splendid 2015.

  14. Lovely to look back at the year in your garden - Best wishes to you and yours for 2015:)

  15. The pleasure and interest of blogging is that you can look back at photos of your garden taken in the summer and be amazed at how lush it all was and be able to remind yourself that it will come around again in 2015. (And since you are a gardener and therefore an optimist you know that it will be even better in the coming year!)

  16. Love the series of photos of your garden. What a great view from overhead and amazing to see how it changes from month to month. do you pollard the willow tree? I see it's cut back severely but over the summer season it looks stunning.

  17. I love those garden shots and the heron! It is amazing how our gardens evolve with every season....a bit like ourselves each year! Looking forward to your garden in 2015!

  18. Dear elaine.
    I am catching up with comments.
    Your christmas post is lovely.
    What a magnificent garden you have. I can see you work hard in it.
    Thank you for all your comments on my blog..
    wishing you a very Happy New year..
    val xxx

  19. It was wonderful looking back at your lovely garden through the seasons. I always forget how green and beautiful the garden can be when looking out at a barren garden in the winter. It is good to see the bulbs slowly appearing. Sarah x