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All Manner of Wing-ed Beasts and Lots of Rain

You might be forgiven for thinking that I am talking about dragons - well, almost.  I found a dragonfly poised vertically, almost camouflaged, on a branch of my potted apple tree.

Then there are bees and hoverflies and wasps -  elusive butterflies which don't want to be photographed, and a stripey snail - all spotted during a break in the weather, when the rain stopped and the sun shone, if only briefly.

“The sun did not shine.  It was too wet to play,  So we sat in the house.  All that cold, cold, wet day."Dr. Seuss
Rain Raymond Carver Woke up this morning with a terrific urge to lie in bed all day and read. Fought against it for a minute. Then looked out the window at the rain. And gave over.  Put myself entirely at the keep of the morning. Would I live my life over again? Yes, given half a chance. Yes.
And then there are the abundance of purple flowers to enjoy.

And for good measure - a leek flower - with a funny hat on.
As you can tell, it has been a slow week where nothing much ha…

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

This is what Sunday morning looks like Sitting in the 'snug' eating kippers and bread and butter for breakfast with a cup of scalding hot tea and the Sunday papers.  Listening to Sunday morning Love Songs on the radio - 'How Deep is Your Love' by the BeeGees is playing and I sing along.

After reading my book in the bath for half an hour (a guilty pleasure) - I venture out on my bicycle.  The wind is stronger than I expected, more than just a summer breeze.  I have to push the pedals hard and try not to wobble as the wind gusts and pushes me sideways.

The roadside verges have all gone to seed - the grasses wave silver and gold as I pass.

I notice the fields of corn will soon be ready for harvesting I cycle on and feel a sprinkling of rain. I stop and reach for the waterproof in my bicycle basket and turn for home. When I walk in Jennifer Warnes is singing 'I Had The Time of my Life' on the radio.
I didn't exactly have the time of my life but it was nice to …


I have been reading poetry. 
You will remember that leaping stream
where sweet aromas rose and trembled,
and sometimes a bird, wearing water
and slowness, its winter feathers.
You will remember those gifts from the earth:
indelible scents, gold clay,
weeds in the thicket and crazy roots,
magical thorns like swords.
You'll remember the bouquet you picked,
shadows and silent water,
bouquet like a foam-covered stone.
That time was like never, and like always.
So we go there, where nothing is waiting;
we find everything waiting there. ~Pablo Neruda I have been reading prose. I stand on the cliff and gaze out across the ocean to the end of the earth, where the water dissolves into the sky and eternity is veiled in a mysterious blue mist.  The breeze is as soft as a whisper and there is something timeless about the way it blows, as if it is the very breath of God calling me home. ~ Santa Montefiore  I have been still - observing, watching the world turn. From day into nigh…

Lazing on a Summer Afternoon

The sun beats down, tempered by a cooling breeze.  My companions, the sparrows, come to the pond to drink and bathe continuously cheeping and chirping as they fly off to squabble in the shrubs.

I watch ants scurrying at my feet, on seemingly important business, and a tiny red spider hurries across the page of my notebook.

 A small planes engine drones as it soars acrobatically across the sky and the voices of excited children carry on the air as they play in their gardens causing dogs to bark as they join in the games.

Hoverflies are attracted to the flowers on the garden table and I watch a bee bumbling from flower to flower on the borage.

Starlings screech as they fight and argue on the feeders and I hear contrast in the soft cooing of a pigeon sitting on the roof ridge.

But, even on this idyllic day, I still find that summer is not my favourite season.  The garden already looks tired and lacklustre through the absence of rain.  If it wasn't for the annuals in their containers …

A Holiday Collection ...

I have had time to go through all the holiday photographs now and have picked out a few of my favourites to show you - then I promise I won't bore you any more!

For some reason these two people looking through binoculars in different directions tickled my funny bone.

As we were walking through a farmyard this little pig popped his head up to see what was going on - love those big pointy ears.

I swear I thought I saw Ratty and Mole from Wind in the Willows meandering down river in their little rowing boat - a perfect place to dangle your toes in the water.

Two little field mice in captivity, the look on the face on the one on the left is just so darn cute.

This handsome fellow was a perfect poser with his unswerving gaze.

Happy to see a beautiful butterfly on some privet as there don't seem to be many about this year.

And finally a willow warbler or maybe a sedge warbler, not sure, clinging bravely on to a reed as the wind tried to shake him off.

Okay, that's it - no more h…