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Into The Wide Blue Yonder on a Perfect October Morning

I have a sudden desire to escape, to head off into the wide blue yonder and never return.

A perfect October morning.

Bright sunshine. Strong breeze. Blue sky. Walking boots and windproof jacket. Camera in hand. Tussocks of wet grass. Nettles waist high. Wandering down the hill.
Into the wide blue yonder.

Wide open spaces; fields, trees and hedgerows. Silence, but for the whispering of the wind in the trees; no traffic, no people. Alone. Peace. Tranquility. Not a cloud in the sky. Stepping carefully. Avoiding cowpats. Fluttering red admiral butterfly; the last of the season. Flock of pigeons bursting from the trees in a flurry of feathers. Hedgerows gleaming with red of hips and haws. Cawing of  crows. Squirrel running along the fence line, quickly disappearing. Five bullocks contentedly chewing the cud in the long grassed field behind the abandoned farm. Clambering over stiles. A strenuous climb back up the hill. Breathing heavily. Heat thumping wildly. Sweat trickling down my back. Boot…

Days as Crisp and Golden as Apples

These are the measure of my days.

I work outside - preparing the garden for winter.  Taking down the bean canes and tomato supports; bringing the tender plants into the greenhouse.
I work inside - putting the living room to rights now the decorating in finished.
I take walks - in all weathers; talk to horses who come up to the fence.
I visit a friend - and admire her two newly adopted black cats.
I sort out  wardrobes - swapping summer for winter clothes.
I shop - one day for food supplies; another for pleasure.  I buy a pre-loved navy tweed jacket.
I read - Us by David Nicholls.
I watch drama on television - The Last Kingdom a tale of Vikings.
I write in my journal - capturing the moments of each day.
I comment on my favourite blogs -  inspired by well-written pieces and the many different topics.
I watch - leaves swirling, tossed by the wind.
I listen - to owls hooting outside the open window at night and geese honking on the lake.
I see - the trees changing colour day by day.
I take photographs …

Friends and Neighbours and Family

“I think if I've learned anything about friendship, it's to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don't walk away, don't be distracted, don't be too busy or tired, don't take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff.” ~ John Katz 

I only have a handful of 'real' friends.  Not having any family or children, friends become even more important.  Yes, I have quite a few 'virtual' friends - but it isn't really the same.  Spending time with real people is so much more rewarding, even though I feel as though I have bonded with a few blogging  buddies.  So when one of your friends moves away to pastures new, and you know you won't see her everyday, over the garden fence, or when she pops round on a whim for a chat and a cuppa - when you discuss everything under the sun, when you enjoy the same things and understand one another - then it is like a loss. Yes,…

The Air is Wild with Leaves - Random Autumn Jottings

I wake up at 6.30 the sky is grey and the morning isn't very welcoming. I watch as a skein of geese fly in formation, low over the rooftops, honking  all the way to the nearby lake. It takes me a couple of hours to get myself together and presentable - the older I get the longer it takes, this is all prolonged by the fact that I check my emails, read a few blogs, keep picking my current book up to read a few lines.

I go downstairs and try to find a space to set up the ironing board in all the chaos that is my home at the moment.  Husband is painting the skirting boards - the last leg of the dining room decorating.  Tomorrow he starts on the living room end - the jobs seem endless and I really will be glad when it is all finished and I'm sure he will too.

 After lunch of egg on toast, the sky turns the colour of bruised plums, the heavens open and torrents of rain fall.  Gushing down water spouts and running down the road like a river; pounding at the windows - and we say good…

Inspired by Nature

Where did September go?  It flew by so fast - one minute it is August, the next, October.  Although it has been a fabulous start to Autumn - the weather perfect almost every day - it has been a stressful month for me.  So what do I do when I am stressed - I go outdoors as much as possible, and feel the tension lift from my shoulders - and become inspired by nature.

The garden always has this effect on me - it is a form of therapy.  Tackling all those end of the season chores takes my mind off the less pleasant things that I have had to contend with.  Doing the same things every year as the seasons turn has a symmetry to it, a kind of  'all's well with the world'  feeling.  I cannot be cross or impatient out there.  The sights and sounds soothe and calm me.

I don't talk about the garden much these days as I feel as though I have said it all before over the last four years of blogging, but it still has a calming effect on me, I still appreciate the beauty of it all and …