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the sweet calm sunshine of September ...

" It was a morning of ground mist, yellow sunshine, and high rifts of blue, white-cloud-dappled sky.  The leaves were still thick on the trees, but de-spangled gossamer threads hung on the bushes and the shrill little cries of unrest of the swallows skimming the green open spaces of the park told of  autumn and change." ~ Flora Thompson

September has been a very productive month for me. I have worked hard in the garden with a feeling of racing against time; although, in truth, there is plenty of time to do everything - I just wanted to get it done while the weather was good, so much more pleasant working outside when it is a little warmer, rather than having to wrap up in coats and boots to get it all done.  I have planted every last bulb that I possess; those I saved from last year; those I bought this year; every piece of ground and every container has been put to use - if I don't get a good display in spring then something has gone seriously wrong.

Gardening fo…

the taming of the wilderness ...

You may wonder where I have been - why I haven't been visiting your blog or leaving comments.  The reason is simple - I have been in the garden trying to tame the wilderness it had become.  Regular readers will know that I like my garden to be a little wild; untamed; natural looking.  But there comes a point where you have to take control before it all becomes unmanageable. 

We have had some lovely autumn days, where I have been working outside from sun-up to sun-set - giving little thought to time passing and ignoring the call of the internet and computers.  For who wouldn't rather be out in the fresh air than cooped up indoors.  Not I.  There will be plenty of time for that when the season turns once more and winter arrives.

In the world beyond the garden gate:-
berries and fruits shine out like beacons waiting to be plucked from their often thorny stems.  Scarlet hips, crimson haws, indigo sloes  with a pale bloom on their skins.  Glistening purple elderberries drooping u…

Goodbye to Summer ...

Mother Nature is such a tease.  She gives with one hand and takes away with the other.

She gave us an extra couple of weeks of lovely late summer weather; then decided we had had enough and sent in the rain and lowered the temperature by a few degrees; as if we hadn't appreciated her gift.

Mornings have become misty; the skies hazy.

Compare a photo taken this morning to one taken a week ago when we were away.

Dull and dark; the rain slanting down 
This time last week I was running wild; loving not only being beside the sea, but inland too - exploring ancient pathway and woodland; following meandering creeks and enjoying the panoramic views.

It will soon be time to make sure the garden is put to rights as the cooler weather arrives and outdoor activities slow down.  I have bags of bulbs waiting to be planted in containers once the summer annuals have gone over. 

Summer clothes will be exchanged for those put into storage boxes at the beginning of June; logs will be ordered; oil …

sometimes - coming home is harder than leaving ...

So, here I am, back from a break at the coast.  I always feel a little discombobulated when I come home; changing one lifestyle for another; metamorphosing from feral creature to a tame one, prowling in a cage.  Coastal living suits me; the idea of drifting around in old shorts and t-shirts faded from salt-spray, comfortable sandals on my feet; a simple way of living; packing a few essentials in a case; no need for many possessions - I like that.

A real break for me is not having to cook; eating simple, small dishes prepared by someone else everyday is a real treat, especially when sea food is involved.  I love being outdoors all day too. Sea breezes help to take the edge off the heat, and feeling the sun lightly kissing your skin without making you feel too hot, is a joy.

I felt no compulsion to be connected to the internet; no need to keep in touch with the world; I didn't even open my journal whilst I was away; I simply needed to escape and enjoy, without feeling the need to c…

High Summer Breathes her Final, Burning Breath ...

September - my favourite month of the year.  Sitting outside in the warmth of the afternoon sun just watching, observing what is going on around me, with only the gentle thud of apples falling to the ground, and quarrelsome sparrows for company.

  A dragonfly with whirring wings settles at the edge of the pond;

  bumble bees frantically gathering pollen from the last of the lavender flowers; a butterfly drinking nectar from the Michaelmas daisies;
or another landing on a rotten plum probing for sugar- even the underside of its wings are a rainbow of colour

or becoming an adornment on the statues hat   a frog's head appearing from out of the pondweed; a wasp landing on a lily pad   All these creatures going about the business of being alive taking not a jot of notice of me, the silent watcher with a camera.  Capturing a perfect shot requires patience and perseverance - flowers are easier, they don't  get startled and fly away!

heuchera &#…