Monday, 1 April 2019

Seasonal Calendar - Spring

March came in like a lion - the winds roared and blew for days on end  as though they would never stop - rumbling round the house and straining at the walls.  Trees bent and swayed, branches snapped and littered the roads and early blossom scattered like snowflakes.  When we had decided that enough was enough the wind ceased and the days became warm and still; almost like summer but with a chill on the wind.

The snowdrops little lantern flowers began to fade and the crocus emerged and opened their faces to the sun but because of the warmer weather the season seemed to be moving along too fast and the once cold earth began to warm up earlier than it should giving us all hope that spring had truly arrived; but there were still early morning frosts and mists over the fields - Mother Nature can be deceptive and cunning, but true to form at the end of the month she went out like a lamb just like the rhyme says.