Sunday, 29 May 2011

Garden Challenge

With  most of my seedlings now transplanted into pots or out in the garden, now is not the time to stop planning for the future.  Cuttings have to be taken of various plants that might not make it through the winter; veg seeds will continue to be sown for late crops.  Those that may not mature before winter takes hold can be used as baby veg.  Gardening, as with anything else, needs forward planning.  Here I am talking about winter when we haven't had our summer yet - as it is, with most of the veg plants I have put out they are not making much progress.  The lack of warmth and rain is holding everything back, and the way things are going we will be lucky if we have anything to eat from the veg garden at all. Most evenings I get the hosepipe out which is a chore, just to keep everything alive - normally, this only happens during long hot summers, except for the pots which are watered on a daily basis.  But the new perennial plants I have bought to replace those lost over the last hard winter soon start to droop  as their roots haven't had time to establish.  This year is definitely a 'gardening challenge' only the strong will survive.
Pictured above:  Penstemon (the only one that survived the winter, luckily in my favourite colour).

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